The College Finance and Facilities Planning Division oversees policies that determine the distribution of local assistance and capital outlay funds for the 73 districts that make up the California Community Colleges. The division also represents the system in advocating for local assistance and capital outlay funds with the Legislature and the Department of Finance.

The College Finance and Facilities Planning Division includes the Facilities Planning Unit, the Fiscal Services Unit and the Fiscal Standards and Accountability Unit.

The Facilities Planning Unit is responsible for reviewing and approving districts’ Five-Year Capital Outlay Plans as part of the annual Capital Outlay Grant Application Process. It provides support to the 73 districts that oversee the system’s 116 colleges.

The Fiscal Services Unit is responsible for allocating state apportionment funds, collecting student workload data for apportionment purposes, monitoring Title 5 regulations, requirements affecting the accounting of student attendance for apportionment purposes and reviewing college academic calendars relative to state funding requirements.

The Fiscal Standards and Accountability Unit is responsible for the establishment of the California Community Colleges’ financial accounting requirements, collection of the system’s fiscal and student workload information, audits of districts, monitoring districts’ financial conditions, and administering the Fifty Percent Law and the Full-Time/Part-Time Faculty laws and regulations.

Did you know: The California Community Colleges system’s assets include approximately 24,398 acres, 5,192 buildings and 72.4 million gross square feet of space. 

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