We strive to ensure colleges and students have what they need to focus on achieving their educational goals.

The College Finance and Facilities Planning Division oversees policies that determine the distribution of local assistance and capital outlay funds for the 73 districts that make up the California Community Colleges. The division also represents the system in advocating for local assistance and capital outlay funds with the Legislature and the Department of Finance. The College Finance and Facilities Planning Division includes the Accounting Unit, Budget Office, Fiscal Services (Apportionments) and the following units: 

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    Fiscal Standards and Accountability

    Administers and provides technical assistance on financial accounting and annual audit requirements, attendance accounting, residency, districts’ fiscal health, student fees, faculty programs and compliance requirements including the Fifty Percent Law and full-time faculty obligation

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    Facilities Planning

    Assists and supports the California Community Colleges in matters related to infrastructure and capital outlay dedicated to acquiring, maintaining, building, repairing or upgrading fixed assets such as land and facilities.

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    Affordable Student Housing

    Focuses on increasing the stock of affordable housing units to support students and facilitate their access to higher education.

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    Student Centered Funding Formula (SCFF) Resources and Tools

    The Student Centered Funding Formula (SCFF) provides funding that supports access through enrollment-based funding, student equity by targeting funds to districts serving low-income students, and student success by providing districts with additional resources for student’s successful outcomes.

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  • Budget News

    Each year the state provides funding to support the general operations and student support functions of 73 districts and 116 community college campuses. This site provides summary information related to California Community College budgets and provides links to several organizations that play important roles in developing and implementing the budget.

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  • California Community Colleges Compendium of Allocations and Resources

    The Compendium provides comprehensive information about ongoing and new funding allocations. The 2023-24 edition focuses on an evidence-based approach to engage in local planning and continuous improvement towards advancing student outcomes and reducing equity and achievement gaps.

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  • Fiscal and Policy Updates

    Join the Chancellor’s Office College Finance and Facilities Planning Division for our monthly Fiscal & Policy Webinar Series. We provide timely updates on issues related to college finance, state budgets and fiscal policy. Webinars are held on the last Thursday of each month (excluding holidays).

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    Fiscal Memos and Manuals

    See financial data, analysis and guidelines for the California Community colleges.

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Key Resources

Student Centered Funding Formula

The Student Centered Funding Formula provides funding that supports access through enrollment-based funding, student equity by targeting funds to districts serving low-income students, and student success by providing districts with additional resources for student’s successful outcomes.


The Budget Act appropriates funds for various purposes, including the Student Centered Funding Formula and other apportionments to the California Community Colleges. Learn more by reading our Apportionment reports.

Fiscal Forward Portfolio

With the goal of moving beyond critical stage engagement toward proactive district fiscal health supports, the Chancellor’s Office has refined its strategy with a new Fiscal Forward portfolio. The cornerstone of Fiscal Forward is prevention through early engagement and technical assistance.

Financial and Compliance Reports and Information

Web portals are available for California Community College districts and counties to report their fiscal and budgetary data to the Chancellor’s Office.

Student Programs

Get details about student fees, including student health, parking, transportation service fees and nonresident tuition and fees. In addition, see guidelines for student eligibility for maintenance allowance, which community college districts pay for certain students that reside in a territory not within any district.

Attendance Accounting and Residency

Get information on Attendance Accounting and Residency, including residency determination, attendance accounting methodologies and guidance, the emergency conditions allowance, and mandated holidays.

Climate Action and Sustainability

Find information on our Climate Action and Sustainability framework and goals, including tools and guidance for community college districts to align with the key climate change strategy pillars, achieve energy conservation goals, build capital projects sustainably, and integrate physical plant management practices to reduce energy consumption to improve local environmental sustainability measures.

Meet Our Team

  • Wrenna Finche

    Wrenna Finche

    Vice Chancellor of College Finance and Facilities

    Vice Chancellor, College Finance and Facilities, Wrenna Finche oversees Chancellor’s Office budget, accounting, capital outlay, affordable student housing, financial compliance, and risk management operations in support of promoting district fiscal health and aligning budget policy with the Vision 2030.

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To obtain information, please contact FiscalStandards@CCCCO.edu to reach the Fiscal Standards & Accountability Unit; SCFF@CCCCO.edu for information about the Student Centered Funding Formula; Apportionments@CCCCO.edu for Apportionments; BudgetOffice@CCCCO.edu for the Budget Office; and Accounting@CCCCO.edu for the Accounting Office.

Fiscal Standards and Accountability

Team Member Role
Lorena Romero Director
Rafael Artiga Meza Community College Specialist
Jubilee Smallwood Community College Specialist
Amanda Voie Community College Specialist
Natalie Wagner Community College Specialist
Erick Ramirez Community College Program Assistant
Tarissa Hopkins Community College Program Assistant
Avita Hang Associate Governmental Program Analyst             

Facilities Planning

Team Member Role
Hoang Nguyen Director
Harold Flood Community College Specialist
Eric Thorson Community College Specialist
Chay Yang Community College Specialist
Lan Yuan Community College Specialist
Brian Turner Community College Program Analyst
Oscar Serna Community College Program Analyst
Druv Bhat Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Student Housing

Team Member Role
Ronnie Slimp Director
Laura Murphy Community College Program Assistant
Andrea Cruz Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Fiscal Services Unit

Team Member Role
Patricia Servin Director
Arthur Golovey Community College Specialist
Liliana Jimenez Community College Specialist
Mayra Duenas Community College Program Assistant
Wendy Lozoya Community College Program Assistant     

Budget Office

Team Member Role
Keith Nezaam Director
Andie Evans Community College Specialist
Sean Couch Community College Program Assistant     

Accounting Unit

Team Member Role
Marybeth Weeks Director of Accounting
Nerissa Chin Staff Services Manager II
Summer Barrios-Grace Accounts Payable Supervisor
Amy Fedora Accounts Receivable Analyst
Madison Killan Travel Liaison/Analyst
Katie Wei Accounts Payable Analyst
Jerry Miranda Accounting Assistant
Logan Deters Accounting Manager
Caithness Caldo State Operations Fund Administrator
Tara Worman Local Assistant Fund Administrator
Marshall Kamph Bond Fund Administrator
Ran Xu Encumbrance Analyst