Collaborating systemwide to forge clear paths for students to reach their career and life goals.
The Chancellor’s Office is comprised of three main offices that are charged with driving transformational change and three units that provide administrative, communications and legal support.
Offices and Divisions in a star format Institutional Effectiveness College Finance and Facilities Planning Government Relations Research and Data Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Communications and Marketing Office of Human and Business Services Office of the General Counsel Workforce and Economic Development Educational Services and Support

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Equitable Student Learning, Experience and Impact Office

We support students by creating the enabling conditions for colleges across the system to adapt, learn and transform policies and practices. We believe every investment, program and initiative is critical to realizing the development of empowered learners, strengthening career mobility for all students and generating unconditional belonging in every interaction. By deconstructing what historically has been known as academic affairs, student services, and workforce and economic development, we are shifting the focus to intentionally organize our work and impact around student outcomes and the student experience.

The Equitable Student Learning, Experience and Impact Office is led by Executive Vice Chancellor Aisha Lowe.

Educational Services and Support

The Educational Services and Support Division is committed to students getting the high-quality curriculum, support and instructional services that they deserve.

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Workforce and Economic Development

The Workforce and Economic Development Division is focused on preparing California Community Colleges students and individuals with flexible and manageable workforce training and career pathways that result in high-skill and high-wage employment and propel the local and regional economies of the state of California.

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Institutional Supports and Success Office

We create the conditions — through advocacy, professional development, external engagement, resource allocations and fiscal resiliency — for California Community Colleges to thrive. This division’s work and implementation of statewide policies and programs will ensure all of our institutions truly work for students of all backgrounds, helping them succeed in reaching their educational goals so that as a system we close statewide opportunity gaps.

The Institutional Supports and Success Office is comprised of the College Finance and Facilities Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Government Relations divisions.

College Finance and Facilities Planning

The College Finance and Facilities Planning Division oversees policies that determine the distribution of local assistance and capital outlay funds for the 73 districts that make up the California Community Colleges. The division also represents the system in advocating for local assistance and capital outlay funds with the legislature and the Department of Finance.

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Institutional Effectiveness

The Institutional Effectiveness Division is focused on making sure the California Community Colleges is effectively serving its students. It does so largely by overseeing the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, commonly referred to as IEPI.

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Government Relations

The Government Relations Division represents the Chancellor’s Office before the legislative and executive branches of the state and federal governments and is responsible for advancing the goals of the Vision for Success through legislation and securing budget investments.

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Innovation, Data, Evidence and Analytics Office

Through systemwide data and technology solutions, we improve experiences and outcomes for students. We ensure secure and reliable technology, access to data and development of evidence-based reporting throughout the California Community Colleges. Our work helps power innovation and continuous improvement of programs so that all students can succeed in reaching their education and career goals.

The Innovation, Data, Evidence and Analytics Office is lead by John J. Hetts, PhD.

Digital Innovation and Infrastructure

The Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division plays an instrumental role in manifesting the Chancellor’s Office Vision for Success by helping to ensure that the California Community Colleges has access to the technology, research and data needed to enable students from all backgrounds to succeed in reaching their goals.

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Research and Data

The Research and Data unit is responsible for research and evaluation leadership and services to support systemwide decision-making and inquiry. The unit monitors system, district and college performance to inform strategies that will help the system achieve the goals and commitments set out in the Vision for Success.

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