We drive the Vision 2030 forward by managing career education and entrepreneurial development programs built from real-world employer data and market intelligence.

WEDD Key Purpose

Our work is guided by the California Community College’s Vision 2030 which aims to ensure students from all backgrounds succeed in reaching their goals and improving their families and communities, eliminating achievement gaps once and for all.

  • Administer approximately $1 billion in funding for colleges – supporting empowered learners, facilitating Career Mobility, and creating unconditional belonging in our community colleges
  • Ensure colleges are providing skills and competencies to students that are in demand in the job market, reskilling and upskilling to close skills gaps, and providing the opportunity for students to engage and thrive in the new digital economy
  • Connect workforce and economic development (supplying the talent and supporting job creators)

The Workforce and Economic Development Division manages a portfolio of programs and grants that support career education and entrepreneurial development programs. Our programs and grants position colleges to be responsive to employer needs identified through data and market intelligence.

WEDD utilizes a regional consortia model to ensure that our career education programs are informed by and maintain relevancy to industry employment needs. WEDD also utilize Technical Assistance Providers to provide research and data that informs our work and the emerging education and training programs of California’s employers.

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