A Roadmap for California Community Colleges

Vision 2030 is a framework for bold and thoughtful action — action for policy reform, fiscal sustainability, systems development and for process and practice reform in the field — to support our students, our communities and our planet.

The framework has been guided by the Vision for Success (2017), the governor’s “Multi-Year Roadmap” (2022) and current issues and future considerations.

  • Dr. Sonya Christian

    Introduction from the Chancellor

    California’s 116 community colleges serve the largest and most diverse student body in higher education, making us a pivotal force in developing California’s workforce, keeping the economy strong and strengthening our democracy.

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Framework for Vision 2030

vision framework 17 actions within our three strategic directions Vision 2030 outcomes and metrics goals: equity in access, support and success

Our How — Advancing Vision 2030

This work will advance student success, access, support and socio-economic mobility with equity.

People — Active partnership with people in the field to guide practice and provide data, technical assistance and needed supports.

Systems —  Systems Development to remove barriers at scale. Examples: data systems and common ERP, common course numbering and intersegmental learning management.

Resources — Lead state, federal and philanthropic development to support fiscal sustainability and maximize local resources.

Policy — Identify and advance policy reform across state, federal, Title V and local district policies to unlock potential.

Vision 2030 Dates and Opportunities to Engage

There will continue to be multiple opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the public to learn more about Vision 2030 and to provide viewpoints and feedback. A number of convenings will be held on college campuses around the state to take deep dives into areas such as equitable bachelor’s degree attainment, better serving working adult learners and our system’s expanding role in climate change resiliency and adaption. Systemwide webinars and other opportunities are listed below, and you can also provide your feedback.

Events by Month

  • June 1 - CEO Roundtable to identify priorities for the California Community Colleges
  • June 2 - Vision 2030: Chancellor’s Office, Community College League of California and Foundation for California Community Colleges planning session
  • June 15 - Initial discussion with Consultation Council on Vision 2030 Preliminary Outline
  • June 16 - Initial discussion with Community College League of California Chief Executive Officer and Trustee Boards on Vision 2030 Preliminary Outline
  • June 27 - Vision 2030: Climate Summit at West Los Angeles College
  • June 28 - Vision 2030: 9th Grade to Baccalaureate Intersegmental Collaboration at Long Beach City College
  • July 6 - Vision 2030: Chancellor’s Office, Community College League of California and Foundation for California Community Colleges planning session
  • July 12 - Vision 2030: Ninth to baccalaureate completion event at Los Rios Community College District
  • July 17 - Vision 2030: Chief Information Officer Board Meeting
  • July 20 - Discussion with Consultation Council on preliminary Vision 2030 goals, metrics and actions
  • July 23 - Vision 2030: Discussion with the California School Employees Association (CSEA) 
  • July 24 - Board of Governor's Meeting – Preliminary Vision 2030 Draft as informational item and release of landing page to collect statewide feedback
  • August 1 - Vision 2030: A focus on Apprenticeship Pathways.  A joint meeting with the Labor Agency
  • August 2 - System Webinar Vision 2030: A Roadmap for California Community Colleges
  • August 9 - Vision 2030 priority items event at Southwestern College
  • August 10 - Vision 2030 priority items at East Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD)
  • August 17 - Discussion with Consultation Council on Vision 2030
  • August 29 - Vision 2030 Event in Sacramento from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (RSVP required)
  • August 31 - Vision 2030 Report Submission to the Governor’s Office and Legislature on the alignment of our system goals to statewide goals
  • September 6 - System Webinar Vision 2030: A focus on Economic Mobility
  • September 14 - Vision 2030 Town Hall for Faculty. Register for the ASCCC Vision 2030 Town Hall.
  • September 15 - Vision 2030 with a focus on Ninth Grade to Baccalaureate attainment at the California Coalition of Early and Middle Colleges (CCEMC) Dual Enrollment Summit
  • September 18 to 20 - Vision 2030 in Washington, D.C.
  • September 21 - Discussion with Consultation Council on relevant updates to Vision 2030
  • September 22 - Vision 2030 at the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Institute in San Diego
  • September 27 - Vision 2030 Beta Version presented to the Board of Governors as an action item with plan for implementation and continued statewide engagement
  • October 4 - System Webinar Vision 2030: A focus on Climate Action
  • October 5 & 6 - Vision 2030: A Call to Action Adult Education Summit – A focus on Adult Learners at the Innovation, Equity and Workforce development Summit in San Diego
  • October 20 - Vision 2030 at the Central Valley Higher Education Consortium in Fresno
  • October 24 - Vision 2030 – A focus on ninth grade to Baccalaureate Attainment at Santa Ana College.
  • Other engagements to be determined
  • November 1 - Vision 2030 System Webinar: A Focus on Equity in Support
  • December 6 - Vision 2030 System Webinar: Year-End Reflection and Summary of 2023
January 22 - Final Vision 2030 revisions presented in a report to the Board of Governors

Community Input

Get involved — provide your input regarding the Vision 2030 Roadmap for California Community Colleges.

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Vision 2030 Report

All families, students and workers deserve the freedom to succeed: to build real-life skills and pursue careers.
— Gov. Gavin Newsom

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To be considered by the Board of Governors Sept. 26