Guided Pathways

The Guided Pathways framework creates a highly structured approach to student success that provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns to promote better enrollment decisions and prepare students for future success.

Guided Pathways is aimed at helping students reach their career and educational goals by creating highly structured, unambiguous road maps that will lead to a defined objective. Done correctly, the Guided Pathways framework can improve student achievement and transfer, cut down on the total number of units while earning a degree, increase career certifications and eliminate achievement gaps.

The Guided Pathways framework rests on four pillars. They are:

  • Create clear curricular pathways to employment and further education
  • Help students choose and enter their pathway
  • Help students stay on their path
  • Ensure that learning is happening with intentional outcomes.

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office introduced the Guided Pathways framework in the fall of 2017. Today, all 115 California community colleges are actively working on or implementing a Guided Pathways model. Among the myriad support systems currently in place are the Vision Resource Center, Guided Pathways Regional Coordinators and working with the Institute for Evidence-Based Change in creating the Caring Campus effort to support classified professionals at the college level.

Too many students in the California Community Colleges are not reaching their goals or are taking far too long to earn a degree or credential. Guided Pathways is an integral element in making sure the goals set forth in our Vision for Success are reached.