Our vision is to the point: making sure students from all backgrounds succeed in reaching their goals and improving their families and communities, eliminating achievement gaps once and for all.

For the last several years, we’ve come together around bold goals to improve student outcomes, including closing achievement gaps, increasing degree and certificate attainment and transfers to four-year institutions, reducing excess unit accumulation by students, and securing gainful employment. Our efforts are guided by the core belief that colleges should simplify paths to educational goals and help students stay on those paths until completion. This Vision is our framework for making the Chancellor’s Office and the California Community Colleges as a whole truly student ready. 

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The Vision for Success

The California Community Colleges has made significant strides in the last five years through sustained reform efforts in the areas of student success, transfer and career technical education. The colleges are now well-poised to build on this success and accelerate the pace of improvement.

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Strengthening Our Vision

California Community Colleges provides opportunities to all who seek them and is a powerful force for breaking down systemic inequities that block too many students from attaining the career and life they want.

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Vision Goals and Commitments

The bold commitments and goals we set out in the Vision for Success are giving students the tools and opportunities to be successful. As a result, we are narrowing equity gaps, decreasing time to degree and providing students with a system that works better for them.

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  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) and anti-racism remain at the heart of our work. From the Vision for Success overall to Guided Pathways and our faculty and staff diversification efforts, we are continually building a better, more inclusive learning environment for students from all backgrounds through actions both big and small.

    The California Community Colleges system is coming together to advance faculty and staff diversification and access system-wide resources.

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  • State of the System Reports

    Keep track of the progress we are making toward meeting our goals each year. The State of the System reports provide a snapshot of how we have advanced the Vision goals.

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