The Board of Governors has prioritized the development of a holistic, student-centered, affordability and basic needs infrastructure. This priority includes a focus and strategy around student housing which increases the stock of affordable units to support low-income students and facilitates their access to higher education.

Further, the state’s one-time $2 billion investment in student housing, of which 50% ($1 billion) over three years will be dedicated to increasing the stock of affordable student housing at California’s community colleges, presents a historic opportunity to address one component of the affordability issues community college students face and intentional alignment to college’ basic needs framework of supports.

The Chancellor’s Office is convening an Affordable Student Housing Taskforce in alignment with the goals of the Board of Governors. The Taskforce will:

  • develop a comprehensive student housing framework which addresses both short and long-term needs, policies, and the operational infrastructure necessary to expand affordable student housing at California Community Colleges
  • engage and learn from districts participating in the Higher Education Student Housing Grant, including reviewing feasibility studies and technical assistance needs, to understand elements that are essential to a robust California Community Colleges student housing program
  • present recommendations to the Board of Governors which lay out strategies for maximizing the Higher Education Student Housing Grant, that identify necessary statewide standards or regulations, maximize flexibility for local planning and decision-making, and create the conditions to support the re-envisioning of a student-centered support ecosystem
  • present to the Board of Governors preliminary findings by May 16, 2022
  • present a final report and recommendations by November 2022.

Further information on the Taskforce’s meetings and the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program is available below.