California’s housing affordability crisis has impacted our students and prospective students, forcing many of them to choose between paying for their basic needs and education. To tackle this problem, California Community Colleges Affordable Student Housing Program provides a way to support students' basic needs and ensure their academic success. This effort aligns with the Vision for Success commitments and acknowledges that affordable student housing as crucial to student success, helps address the state's housing shortage, and advances transformations that students seek. By offering affordable student housing, community colleges can provide students with a stable living environment that enables them to focus on their education and achieve their goals.

The California Community Colleges Affordable Student Housing Program is grounded in principles of student equity, affordability, access, student-centered design, holistic supports, and district adaptability to student needs. Guided by these principles, the mission of the Affordable Student Housing program is to advance:

EQUITY. Examine disproportionate impacts and design to meet the needs and long-term success of students most adversely affected.

AFFORDABILITY. Commit to housing that advances college access and affordability for students with the greatest economic need.

ADDRESS HOUSING SHORTAGES. Community colleges are an important partner and can play a key role in reducing state- and community-wide housing shortages that hinder social and economic progress.

FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY. Plan for and support the long-term quality and viability of affordable student housing at colleges and communities where a need exists and can be supported.

STUDENT-CENTERED DESIGN. Recognize that affordable student housing cannot exist in isolation from holistic supports and interventions – such as basic needs, financial aid, transportation, social services, campus culture, and learning supports for success.

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