Reporting Portal

Below are the web portals for California Community College districts and counties to enter their fiscal and budgetary data to the Chancellor’s Office:

Annual Financial and Budget Report (CCFS-311): The Annual Financial and Budget Report of a community college district is the vehicle for summarizing and communicating the results of budgetary decisions and transactions of all governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary funds for each annual fiscal period. The information is as reported by the districts and compiled by the Chancellor's Office.

Quarterly Financial Status Report (CCFS-311Q): The CCFS 311Q is the District’s quarterly financial status report and details how funds were spent and projections for the upcoming year. 


Apportionment Attendance Report (CCFS-320): The attendance report program is used to enter attendance contact hours for the fiscal year and report period set by the Fiscal Services Unit of the Chancellor’s Office. The program will calculate factored and unfactored attendance Full-Time Equivalent Student (FTES) based on the contact hours, period annualizers, and F-Factor data entered by community college districts.


Audit Tracker: Submit audit reports and findings to the Chancellor's Office through the Audit Tracker web portal.


Enrollment Fee Revenue Report: Enrollment fee revenue for fees charged pursuant to Education Code Section (ECS) 76300 and ECS 76140(k) fee revenue includes fees paid and receivables for courses beginning after the close of the prior year spring term through the close of the current year spring term. Submit your District’s annualized estimated/actual enrollment fee revenue data through the Enrollment Fee Revenue Web Based Program and email a copy of the signed certification to

Property Tax and Education Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF): Education Code section 84207 requires county auditors to report to the Chancellor’s office of the California Community Colleges property tax revenue for each community college district or portion of a district situated within a county. Various laws regarding Redevelopment Agencies and their Successor Agencies require more detailed reporting of payments from Redevelopment Agencies (RDA) to community colleges. Report only that information applicable to your county. Other counties will report their portion of property tax revenue distributed to multi-county districts.

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