Under the direction of the Dean, the Intersegmental Programs & Credit Curriculum Unit's primary responsibilities for curriculum for all 116 community colleges and available resources include:

Additional responsibilities of the unit are as follows:



  • Policy Change: C-ID Course Approval and Associate Degree for Transfer (ADTs)
  • 2022/2023 Pre-Corequisite Report [xlsx]
  • 2022/2023 Pre and Corequisites Survey Link 
  • Guidelines for Excused Withdrawal [pdf] ~ March 15, 2019
  • Credit Course Repetition Guidelines [pdf] ~ Final November 2013
  • Instructional Materials Guidelines [pdf] ~ January 2013
  • Community Services Offering [pdf] ~ September 2012
    • Common Concerns and Questions related to Community Services Offerings [pdf] ~ September 2012   
  • Guidelines for title 5 Regulations, Section 55003: Policies for Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories on Recommended Preparation [pdf] ~ February 2012
  • Memo AA 19-45:Guidance for CCR title 5 section 58170 Enabling Students to Self-Refer for Apportionment-Based Supervised Tutoring) [pdf] ~ November 2019
  • Supplemental Learning Assistance and Tutoring Regulations and Guidelines [pdf] ~ April 2006


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COCI Maintenance Periods 2022-2023

  • Last Week of October (2022) Oct 24th – Oct 28th
  • Second Week in January (2023) Jan 9th – Jan 13rd
  • Last Week of March (2023) March 27th – March 31st
  • Last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August (2023) July 17th – August 11th Last Week of October (2023) Oct 30th – Nov 3rd

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Technical Questions

Program and Course Approval Handbook, 8th Edition

California Community Colleges Curriculum Submission and Approval Technical Manual

Credit Course Repetition Guidelines - Final (November 2013)

Credit Course Repetition Guidelines PDF