Purpose and Responsibility

The California Community Colleges Curriculum Committee (5C) makes recommendations and provides guidance to the Chancellor’s Office on local and regional implementation of curriculum policy and regulations throughout the California Community College system, including general education, workforce, and development education programs in credit, non-credit and not-for-credit areas.   

5C is responsible for the development and revision of all title 5 regulations related to curriculum and instruction, the periodic revision of the Program and Course Approval Handbook, the Baccalaureate Degrees Handbook, and all other recommendations that require approval by the Board of Governors.  In formulating its recommendations to the Board of Governors, the 5C shall consult with all appropriate constituencies, and shall rely on the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate.

5C advises the Chancellor’s Office on state-level curriculum certification processes to ensure quality, integrity, compliance, collaboration, flexibility, timeliness, and transparency, while putting the needs of students first.

5C works with the Chancellor’s Office to ensure that all levels of local and regional curricular design and approval is faculty-led and driven by student need.

5C advises the Chancellor’s Office on training programs for colleges and districts regarding submission of curriculum to the Chancellor’s Office.