In response to the projected nursing shortage, the Chancellor’s Office allocates funds to California community colleges with the intent of increasing the capacity of their nursing programs and, ultimately, increasing the number of licensed nurses. These funds are intended to address student attrition rates and support student retention by increasing the growth and capacity of California Community College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) programs. Over the last ten years, these funds have supported the expansion of nursing program enrollments and student success efforts by increasing from 600 to nearly 2000 additional enrollments annually.

The state budget allocated $13.3 million in funding for community college nursing programs. Of these funds, $8.4 million is allocated to expand nursing program enrollments, and $4.9 million is allocated to reduce student attrition rates. Senate Bill 1309 (Stats. 2006, Ch. 837) provided specific criteria to address the reduction of attrition in community college nursing programs.

The purpose of these grants is to:

  1. Increase enrollment capacity in the Associate Degree Nursing – Registered Nursing (AND-RN) programs;
  2. Determine, through diagnostic assessment, those students who are ready to enter the nursing program and who are most likely to succeed;
  3. Provide pre-entry preparation for students who do not achieve the diagnostic assessment cut score;
  4. Provide support to students enrolled in the nursing program to increase the program retention and completion rate to 85 percent or more; and
  5. Increase the number of students who complete the college program and pass the national licensure exam.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jeffrey A. Mrizek,dean

Brenda Fong, specialist

Fiscal Year 2016-18 (16-199; 16-200)

RFA No.  16-199: Enrollment Growth for Associate Degree Nursing Program & RFA No. 16-200: Assessment, Remediation & Retention for Associate Degree Nursing Program (PDF)

Memo Announcing New Grant Opportunity RFA No. 16-199 and 16-200 (PDF)

Letter of Intent (Word)

Addendum to RFA16-199; 16-200 (PDF)


Appendix A, Article I-Program-Specific Legal Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Appendix A, Article II-Standard Legal Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Appendix B, Application Forms (Excel)

Other Forms

Statement of Assurances

**Archive RFAs**
RFAs by Fiscal Year

Listed below is the link to the online grant expenditure reporting system.

Assessment Test Data Reporting (MP4) (Thursday, September 20, 2018 10-11am)

Assessment Test Data Reporting Requirements (PPT) (Thursday, September 25, 2014)

2012-13 Nursing Final Report System Online (PPT) (Wednesday, August 7, 2013)

Introduction to Workforce Investment Act Participant Forms (PPT) (December 2009)

Please note important information relating to Veterans' Priority, slides 7 and 8.

Veteran’s Priority Requirements for Federal Grants (PDF)

Guidelines for Assessment Readiness Test (Rev. 1/12)

Memo on Revised Guidelines

WIA Nursing Questions and Answers

Out-of-State Travel Form

Advisory on Use of “Model Prerequisites” for Enrollment in Associate Degree Nursing Programs (ADN)

  • Appendix A: Strategy for Implementing the ADN Prerequisite Model
  • Appendix B: Evaluating Effectiveness of Selection Model(instructions for using EXCEL spreadsheet)
  • Appendix C: Worksheet to Implement Formula for Determining Enrollment and Disproportionate Impact
  • Appendix D: Calculations for Adverse Impact in Selection
  • Appendix E: Expanding the Workbooks to Accommodate more than 190 Applicants/Students

 California Nursing Shortage, 2006 (PDF)