Alias List Purpose

An alias list is a method of distributing information to individuals holding specific positions within the California Community Colleges. Determining which alias list to use depends on the targeted audience for the message. 

Please note that each California Community College maintains their staff’s membership to the Chancellor’s Office ListServ groups. Please contact your local IT support staff for assistance with ListServ membership or issues.

There are two Listserv providers for the California Community Colleges:

  • The Chancellor’s Office manages Listserv services containing email address ending in, which are based on predetermined employment positions (i.e. Chief Executive Officers, Academic Senate Presidents).
  • The CCC Technology Center manages Listserv services containing email addresses ending in The CCC Technology Center provides Listserv hosting for the California Community Colleges regional and system-wide organizations. More information can be found on their index of existing lists. Information or assistance can be found on the Listserv and Hosting Services page.

The remaining section of this page provides an overview of the alias lists managed by the Chancellor’s Office.  Here are the employment positions the Chancellor’s Office hosts Listservs for:

  • Admissions and Registrars
  • Administrators of Occupational Education
  • Accountability Reporting for Community Colleges
  • Academic Senate President
  • Board of Trustees (District Only)
  • California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids
  • Chief Business Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Aid Officers
  • Chief Human Resources Officers
  • Chief Instructional Officers
  • Chief Information Systems Officers
  • Chief Purchasing Officer (District Only)
  • Chief Student Services Officers
  • Distance Education
  • Disabled Student Program and Services
  • Exec Assist for local Chancellor/Pres./Board Trustees
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Extended Opportunity Program and Services
  • Facilities Planners
  • Government Relations
  • Health Service Personnel
  • Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
  • Matriculation Coordinators
  • Management Information Systems Contacts
  • Non-Credit Matriculation Coordinators
  • Public Information Officers
  • Research and Planning
  • Student Body Government President
  • Transfer Center Directors
  • Veterans Officers

How to Subscribe to the Alias List

Each district’s Information Technology Support has established and maintains the email alias for each list. The alias should include all recipients interested in the topical area covered by each list but typically should always include the director or manager of any programs covered in any of the topical areas. If personnel change, please contact Information Technology Support at the district level and ask for a change to identify new staff for the appropriate lists.

Please see the Requesting Support section for additional information.

Request Support

It is important to first contact your district’s Information Technology Support with any questions or issues. However, for additional assistance with using lists hosted by the Chancellor’s Office, please email

For assistance with subscription to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO-ALL) list, please contact Andrea Reynolds at