With the California Community Colleges receiving increased funding this year, the “I Can Go To College” campaign added another in-language version of the website as a resource for Vietnamese students and their families. In addition to the English ICanGoToCollege.com website, versions are now available in Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. The Vietnamese version of the site launched in October 2021 as a tool to assist the more than 540,000 Californians who identify as speaking primarily Vietnamese at home. The website can be used to learn about the benefits of a California community college education and directly connect them to information, financial aid applications and student support services to help them enroll and succeed.

In November, Vietnamese-language billboards launched in the Los Angeles, Riverside-San Bernardino, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego areas. These posters were placed in neighborhoods with high concentrations of Vietnamese-speaking households.

Thirty-second Vietnamese radio scripts are currently being developed with valuable information about financial aid, guaranteed pathways to transfer to a saved spot at a four-year university, and career education training programs. These radio scripts will feature strong messages encouraging listeners to enroll today at a California community college. These radio advertisements will run in December and January on KALI-FM in Los Angeles and KVVN-AM in San Francisco.

In the coming months, additional in-language Vietnamese advertisements and promotional items will be available for our colleges and partners to customize and use in their local outreach and marketing efforts.