We are deeply troubled by the recent Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision, which holds that the DACA program violates federal law. However, this decision does not change our mission to welcome and serve all students. This is what we have always done, and we will not waiver. We will continue to do all we can to ensure our undocumented students feel safe and supported on our campuses.  

The court’s decision allows current DACA recipients to avoid immediate disruption to their lives and to seek extensions of their DACA status. While we are far from a permanent solution and will continue our advocacy, as campus CEO’s please urge DACA recipients to apply for renewal as quickly as possible. The Board of Governors and Chancellor’s Office remain fully committed to working with California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta and our students, faculty, and staff to advocate for permanent pathways to citizenship so that undocumented Californians can pursue their academic and professional goals without fear of deportation.

Since its implementation 10 years ago, DACA has protected thousands of undocumented students in California and hundreds of thousands across the United States from deportation as they pursue their college degrees. DACA recipients are first responders, medical professionals, educators, scientists, and serve in a host of other critical professions. They have made and continue to make positive contributions to our local, state, and federal economies and communities. Together, we must continue to share how our undocumented students, faculty, and staff are vital and valued members of our communities and campuses. In fact, just recently on the Chancellor's Office systemwide webinar, we heard from undocumented and formerly undocumented students who are making positive impacts in their communities and at the heart of their message was the hope that community colleges provide them and their families.

We will continue to analyze the ruling and issue further communication. In the meantime, please reassure our undocumented and DACA students, potential students and staff, that they can enroll and stay enrolled in California’s public colleges and universities. For additional resources to help support all undocumented California community colleges students visit this section of the Chancellor's Office website.

Thank you for your work and partnership.