August 17, 2021
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Enrollment options are open at all 116 California community college campuses and potential students should visit today to enroll.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office is encouraging student enrollment across all 116 colleges as the statewide demand for skilled workers grows. Major industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and firefighting, among others, are citing the critical need for skilled applicants and local community colleges serve the crucial role of providing flexible, hands-on training options to students so they can be prepared for the in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow.

California community colleges are the largest provider of workforce training in the nation, making them a significant contributor to the state’s pipeline of talent for high-demand industries. Even more important, students who obtain a degree or certificate from a California community college nearly double their earnings within three years, which puts them on track to earn a good living wage and be able to provide for themselves and their families. Prospective students are encouraged to enroll now in fall semester or late start classes and plan ahead for future semesters in order to access the benefits of their local community college as a valuable resource to improving their lives.

“Community colleges are the backbone of the California workforce and offer incredible opportunities to students seeking a career in many of today’s leading industries,” said the California Community Colleges Acting Chancellor Daisy Gonzales. “Top industries look to our local community colleges to provide a skilled applicant pool. Employers can trust our students receive a high-quality education and the most up-to-date skills training, and students can transform their lives with a community college education. I highly encourage prospective students to explore our offerings, enroll in classes and take the first steps toward discovering how their passion can lead to a rewarding and good-paying career.”

A newly launched site makes it easier than ever for Californians to enroll by providing information in one central location. The site, available in English and Spanish, includes information about enrollment, the variety of available financial aid opportunities, guaranteed transfer programs to public and private four-year universities and details about more than 200 career training programs offered at California community colleges. The site also includes a short online Career Opportunities quiz to provide prospective students and their families important information about possible career paths and a transfer tool that allows users to chart a path by major from a community college to a four-year university.

“One of the most important things I learned this last year is to never give up on my education and career aspirations,” said California Community Colleges Student Senate President Gerardo Chavez. “The education I am receiving at Riverside City College provides me with the skills and job training I will need for a career I’ll love in education. Anyone that is on the fence about enrolling in a community college should consider the kind of future they want and use that as the motivating factor to get started on their path today.”

With 116 colleges, potential students can find a local community close to home. The deadline to enroll for fall semester courses varies by college, but if a student missed the deadline to enroll for courses in their area they can still enroll in late-start classes which start at different times throughout the semester and offer the same amount of credits in a more condensed timeframe. Additionally, high school students can enroll now in dual enrollment courses that allow them to take community college classes concurrently while still in high school, helping them get a head start on their general education coursework for college.

Visit today to learn more, enroll in classes and apply for financial aid to help cover college costs like books, supplies and sometimes even the rent.

The California Community Colleges is the largest system of higher education in the nation, composed of 73 districts and 116 colleges serving 2.1 million students per year. California community colleges provide career education and workforce training; guaranteed transfer to four-year universities; degree and certificate pathways; and basic skills education in English and math. As the state’s engine for social and economic mobility, the California Community Colleges supports the Vision for Success, a strategic plan designed to improve student success outcomes, increase transfer rates and eliminate achievement gaps. For more information, please visit the California Community Colleges website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.