Visiting the Chancellor's Office

The Chancellor’s Office is located at 1102 Q Street in downtown Sacramento, California on the sixth floor of the Watkins Building.

On-street Parking

City of Sacramento, Department of Transportation, Parking Services:

Residential Restricted Parking – 90 minutes to 2 hours
12th to 19th Streets, L St. to R St.
12th to 19th Streets, R St. to W Street

2-10 hr meters – smart meters, “pay & display” parking stations
3rd through 11th streets to R Street (these usually go early am)

Long-term Parking Meters
Pay & Display Parking information & map

Off-street Parking (garage or lot)

Priority Parking (public parking lot):
1000 R Street - $7.00 a day
10th and R (between 10th & 11th)

AllRight Parking:
1517 11th Street – $3.75 per hour or $20.00 maximum
10th & P Streets (between O & P)

Central Parking:
Several facilities downtown
Nearest lot/garage – 1517 13th St. (State Lot 14, near 13th and P streets)

1st Hour: $3.75 | 10 Hour: $20.00

Saturday & Sunday Closed
Monday through Friday 6 AM - 7 PM

Map (walking to this office)