California Community Colleges are organized into ten economic regions, served by eight consortia. These Regional Consortia of Career Education faculty and administrators from community colleges establish regional strategic priorities, administer state and federal funding, form industry partnerships and public private partnerships, and review curriculum and approve proposals for credit Career Education programs. [Title 5, Section 55130(b)(8)E] 

Region Name Email Phone  Website
Bay Area

Rock Pfotenhauer

Kit O'Doherty



Bay Area Community College Consortium
Central / Mother Lode Dr. Jessica Grimes 661.336.5096 Central/Motherlode Regional Consortium
Inland Empire / Desert Julie Pehkonen 951.222.8028 Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium
Los Angeles Dr. Narineh Makijan 625.585.7304 Los Angeles Regional Consortium
North / Far North Blaine Smith 951.500.5556 North/Far North Regional Consortium
Orange County Dr. Adriene "Alex" Davis 780.480.7460 Orange County Regional Consortium
San Diego / Imperial Danene Brown 619.644.7818 San Diego/Imperial Regional Consortium
South Central Coast

Holly Nolan Chavez

805.922.6966 ext. 5276

South Central Coast Regional Consortium