HRTP Frequently Asked Questions

A California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Grant Program Request for Applications (RFA) is currently planned for release in August of 2021.
The CAI Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Grant Program RFA are for all eligible applicants and will not require affiliation with a HRTP to be eligible. The HRTP is a pilot RFA in partnership with the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB).
The HRTP RFA is a pilot project intended to build off and leverage the work of existing HRTPs funded by the CWDB. Not all regions have existing HRTPs; regions without HRTPs are not eligible for this funding at this time.
Yes, the FY 21-22 budget provides funding to grow HRTPs and community colleges are encouraged to participate with partners in their region in forming new HRTPs. Announcements about these funding opportunities will likely be made by the end of the year.
This RFA is intended for community colleges to partner with existing HRTPs. This RFA is not intended for creation of new HRTPs or for entities other than community colleges with existing HRTPs in their region. Please see Question #4 regarding future funding opportunities.

Eligible applicants for this RFA are as follows: 

  • Community colleges participating in a HRTP funded by the CWDB
  • Community colleges with a HRTP funded by the CWDB in their region that wish to establish a partnership with the HRTP

Other entities, such as state registered pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship programs, are not eligible applicants. However, non-eligible entities may wish to contact their local community college to inquire about possible partnership opportunities as appropriate.

Please refer to eligibility requirements highlighted in FAQ #6. Receipt of other CAI grant funding does not preclude eligibility for the CAI HRTP Grant funding.
It is possible that more than one college partnering with the same HRTP may receive grant funds. Each applicant will be scored according to the scoring rubric detailed in the RFA.
“Other training models” is intentionally not defined by the Chancellor’s Office. Applicants may propose other training models that meet the needs of their region, should pre-apprenticeship training programs, apprenticeship training programs, or OJT training programs provide insufficient. Should an applicant propose another type of training program, they should identify the following: the type of program, business partnerships, internship and OJT/placement models, and metrics used to determine successfulness of the program (for example, number of students, student demographics, or student placements).
This is an allowable expense, and the work plan activities should justify the appropriate line item in the budget.
Phase 1 funding is intended to support planning phase activities consistent with the integration of a community college into a CWBD-funded HRTP. Any funded activities should be justified with the work plan and demonstrate how they relate to the expected outcomes for grantees listed in the RFA.