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Faculty Voices Project - League for Innovation in the Community College

logo_league_innovationThe League's Faculty Voices Project engaged community college faculty, both full- and part-time, in the national conversation about student success and completion to (a) identify issues, challenges, and concerns faculty have about the national focus on student completion; and (b) identify ways faculty–individually and in college-wide efforts–support student success, retention, and completion. The four-year project (2014-2017) was funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Regional News

Faculty Entrepreneurship Champion Mini-grants Request for Applications (RFA)

The California Community Colleges Business and Entrepreneurship Sector (previously under the Doing What Matters (DWM) for Jobs and the Economy Framework) is seeking applications for Faculty Entrepreneurship Champion mini-grant projects. Under this RFA, a total of ten Faculty Entrepreneurship Champion Mini-grants will be funded. The intent is to fund one application per DWM sub-region, but depending on where the applications are generated, more than one project per region may be funded. Applications are due by 5 PM October 19th, 2018. Each mini-grant will be up to $7,500 (no matching funds are required, but projects that leverage local/regional Strong Workforce Program funding will be given priority). Faculty Entrepreneurship Champion mini-grant projects should be focused on one or more of the following activities:

  • Embedding/Infusing small business/entrepreneurship curriculum into existing Career Technical Education (CTE) classes and programs.
  • Creation of credit, non-credit and not-for-credit small business/entrepreneurship courses and programs (e.g. stackable certificates, badges, low-unit certificates, certificates of achievement, or AA/AS/AA-T/AS-T degrees).
  • Creation of entrepreneurship pathways from middle school, high school, community college, four year universities and development of articulation agreements associated with these pathways.
  • Small business and entrepreneurship related experiential learning opportunities such as setting up student run businesses, entrepreneurship centers, student business clubs, business incubators, accelerators, makerspaces, co-working spaces, internship programs, or business pitch competitions.

Download a copy of the Request for Applications (RFA) and all related materials.

For more information, contact Charles Eason, Small Business Sector Navigator, at (707) 863-7846 or charles.eason@solano.edu.


Inland Empire Desert Regional Consortium NewsCenter - the official source of news for Career Education in the Inland Empire/Desert Region’s 12 community colleges.


The BACCC - Marketplace Overview video describes the general concepts behind the Bay Area Regional Consortia’s Idea of a Marketplace. Several wonderful ideas for CTE administrators, CTE faculty, and CTE students are discussed. Well worth your time to stimulate ideas for your sector and region.


North/Far North Regional Consortium News
Career Education Campaign Launch Videos Released

Statewide News

Become an ACE Faculty Evaluator

ace-log-review-teamFor decades, the American Council on Education (ACE) has provided third party validation of college-level learning offered through military, workforce and corporate training. An ACE evaluation is a rigorous, hands-on process conducted by a team of teaching faculty from relevant academic disciplines, representing a diversity of colleges and universities. We need CTE faculty from California community colleges!

ACE faculty evaluators review both military training and occupations through ACE’s Military Programs, as well as training and exams for a variety of organizations in the College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) program. As an ACE faculty evaluator, you will:

  • Network and collaborate with peer faculty
  • Earn an honorarium, have fun, and travel
  • Learn how new courses and programs are developed by different organizations
  • Promote quality and consistency in academic credit awards
  • Enhance access and degree completion for students in CTE programs

Learn more about becoming an ACE faculty evaluator.

For more information, please contact:
Dawn Light, Associate Director, Military Programs, at dlight@acenet.edu 

Innovation in Apprenticeship Newsletter

apprenticeship_newsletter_thumbThe California Apprenticeship Council provides a quarterly newsletter summarizing activities within the apprenticeship space. As more and more colleges look to develop, sustain, and refresh their apprenticeship offerings, CTE faculty are encouraged to understand their local apprenticeship programs and get to know the key players. Read the newsletter.

California Community Colleges Makerspaces

California Community Colleges makerspaces prepare students for careers and contribute to regional economies. In 2016, the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, Workforce and Economic Development Division funded the $17 million CCC Maker Initiative for three years under what was previously known as the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework

Experiential Learning Institute
The Academy for College Excellence is hosting the Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute (FELI). The unique, fast-paced, activity-based institute allows attendees the opportunity to experience a new kind of pedagogy that emphasizes the affective domain, 21st-century professional skills and the culture of knowledge-based work. For more information you can contact: info@my-ace.org

A look at the future of California’s Career Technical Education programs
Christina Cox - The Signal

Informational Hearing on the Future of Career Technical Education
California Consortium for Independent Study

National News

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships for Marine Children
The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation supports Marine children in pursuit of their educational goals and there’s no more versatile educational path than through Career and Technical Education (CTE). From health sciences to finance, IT to manufacturing, CTE professionals are on the cutting edge of today’s most hands-on careers. This scholarship is for students planning to attend a non-degree certificate program or vocational training that is 12 months or less at a community college or private career school.

Legislation: CTE Policy Watch
The Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) Policy Watch blog informs CTE faculty of national CTE policy work.

Nursing Shortage in the Setting of High Employment Demands
This article highlights some of the challenges facing many CTE programs in California. While nursing is the specific focus, CTE faculty in many disciplines may relate with the challenges identifed.