The collateral in the Contract Education Toolkit has been designed to be customizable to your college’s identity, program offerings, and core business messages. We hope these documents will be of value when making presentations to new prospects, partners, and industry organizations. Contact Margaret Schmidt for a copy of the toolkit. 

Style Guide

You will find a style guide document in the Toolkit. The style guide identifies all colors and fonts used in the collateral templates and gives an example of a customized document. Additionally, it contains helpful directions for using the proper logo files types and for preparing a document for printing.

Sales Folder

The contract education sales folder was designed to be used by any college. If you wish to customize it with your college's logo, or make any changes to the text or layout, you can do so by downloading the InDesign files that are in the Toolkit. You will be responsible for finding your own print vendor and paying for printing.


Each college is responsible for printing their own collateral. The one exception is the new contract education sales folder. Quantities of the sales folder have been printed and can be obtained by contacting Faithe. Please note: If you customize the sales folder with the files in the Toolkit, you will be responsible for finding your own print vendor and paying for printing.

Additional Collateral Development

Statement of partial conformance: This page does not conform, but would conform to WCAG 2.1 at level AA if the following collateral files from uncontrolled sources were removed. For questions regarding any of the documents listed below, contact Margaret Schmidt or Faithe Briley.

If you have a program or industry that is not represented by a template in the Toolkit, we will take requests for the development of additional collateral. All requests for new collateral must pertain to contract education programs and topics. Please contact Faithe Briley with your requests.

Customizable collateral files are available below for download.

View an example collateral file.

Case Study Template

College Leadership Template

Customer Service Template

ETP Template

FAQ Template

Healthcare Template

Hospitality Template

Manufacturing Template

Office Productivity Template

Seminar Template

Six Sigma Template

Soft Skills Template

Supervisory Skills Template


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Other Useful Resources

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