SEM Program Overview

The IEPI SEM Program is a comprehensive series of training, coaching, and resources in strategic enrollment management. It is designed by community college practitioners for community college practitioners who wish to engage more deeply and in a more impactful way in their SEM practices, and who wish to move their SEM initiatives forward. The following are the overall SEM Program expected outcomes:

  1. Acquire skills and knowledge of the foundations of SEM and a holistic approach to SEM in order to facilitate the development and implementation of a team-led local SEM project.
  2. Develop and implement a college SEM project that includes new and/or improved SEM strategies and practices.
  3. Facilitate the integration of the SEM project with the Vision for Success and Guided Pathways.

Expected Engagement

The SEM Program provides continual engagement over a full year, and as such, requires a one-year commitment by participating colleges. The SEM Program includes five areas where the SEM project team is expected to participate:

  1. Develop and implement a college SEM project,
  2. Participate in the two-day SEM Academy, 
  3. Participate in the one-day Midpoint Convening,
  4. Participate in the one-day End-of-Program Convening,
  5. Engage with the designated team of SEM coaches who will support and help facilitate SEM project discussions with the college SEM team during the following events:
  • SEM Academy
  • Midpoint Convening
  • End-of-Program Convening
  • Scheduled monthlyphone calls with the college SEM project team
  • Face-to-face meetings on campus with the college SEM project team, once in the fall and once in the spring

SEM Program Application


Colleges that wish to participate in the SEM Program will identify a cross-functional team composed of subject matter experts related to the project and representatives from all constituent groups on campus. Colleges will submit an online application that details the SEM project they wish to focus on for the year as well as the composition of their SEM project teams.

Applications will be reviewed by the SEM Project team and colleges will be pre-selected according to relevance of the project, detail and thoroughness of the application, and composition of the SEM project team. Once pre-selected, the college president will be contacted to schedule an approximately one-hour phone interview with the president, the academic senate president, members of the SEM project team and others as requested to discuss the SEM project and the current and expected operating environment, as well as support for the SEM project.

Once accepted in to the SEM Program, colleges will spend time at the SEM Academy clarifying and refining their SEM projects with the guidance of their designated SEM coaches. Click here for a list of potential topic areas for SEM Projects. 


Preview Application Questions (PDF)

SEM Institutional Self-Assessment (PDF)

SEM Resources

SEM Resources can be found in the Vision Resource Center. A login is required but is easy to set up for all community college faculty and staff. 

If you have any questions about the SEM Program please contact Cathy Hasson ( or Michelle Barton (