Notice of Intent to Award

Notice of Intent to Award: RFA No. 17-020 (doc) (pdf)

Grant No.17-020

Institutional Effectiveness - IEPI Specialized Training: (pdf)
RFA No. 17-020 Letter of Interest (doc) (pdf)

Contracted District:

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District

Contract Summary:

The Board of Governors requests proposals from California Community College districts interested in serving as fiscal agent and project manager for the $20 million allocated in the California General Fund to develop and disseminate effective professional, administrative, and educational practices that will lead to transformational change throughout the system.  

The Chancellor’s Office intends to closely manage the project, retain day-to-day control over its direction, approve the final selection of subcontractors to perform the services under this Agreement, and retain final approval over all expenditures.  The selected district will serve as fiscal agent and hire or designate a project manager to work with the Chancellor’s Office to carry out its direction related to the $20 million contract.

Institutional Effectiveness Grant & Contract