All Partnership Resource Teams are comprised of volunteers with expertise that matches the areas of focus of the institutions. Team composition is driven by the needs of each institution and not by representation of associations/organizations/CCCCO. To this end, IEPI is always looking to expand the pool of volunteers from which the PRTs are drawn. Volunteers are asked to complete a brief online survey of their areas of expertise. If you would like to serve on a PRT, please follow the applicable link below to complete the survey. You must complete the whole survey to be added to the provisional PRT pool.

Non-Faculty Survey

Faculty Survey

The Academic Senate consults with local Senate presidents before moving faculty volunteers to the approved pool and transferring the data to IEPI. The IEPI Project Director consults with each non-faculty volunteer’s home CEO or designee to ensure that he or she has no concerns about the volunteer’s service before moving each volunteer to the approved pool.

Tentative PRTs for specific institutions are drawn from the combined approved pool based on a careful match between the institution’s areas of focus and the volunteers’ areas of expertise. Each final PRT is approved by the IEPI Executive Committee, the CCCCO, and the receiving institution’s CEO. If you are selected for a PRT, the IEPI Project Director will notify you by email at the address you submitted in the survey, to provide the necessary paperwork, arrange training, and begin the process of scheduling the first two visits to fit both team members’ schedules and the receiving institution’s preferred date options. (Part of that paperwork is a Participation Certification Form, which must be signed by the appropriate local administrator authorizing your service on a specific PRT, and then submitted to IEPI well before the initial visit.)

PRT members may be asked to share their experience with others at PRT training workshops or at presentations to statewide organizations and conferences.

Experts who have already participated on PRTs report that it has been a rewarding and useful experience, and the need is great, so we encourage you to volunteer!