About IEPI

IEPI is committed to advancing the California Community Colleges’ institutional effectiveness, reducing accreditation sanctions and audit issues, and most importantly, enhancing the system’s impact on serving students. An important focus of the initiative is to draw on the exceptional expertise and innovation from within the California Community Colleges system in advancing best practices and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the initiative:

  1. What are the major components of the initiative?

    There are two major components: Make technical assistance teams – called Partnership Resource Teams – available to institutions requesting assistance; enhancing professional development opportunities through the IEPI Specialized Training program

    Partnership Resource Teams

    • A short letter of interest is submitted by the institution’s CEO.
    • A Partnership Resource Team typically visits an institution three times.
    • Visits result in an Innovation and Effectiveness Plan. Additional follow-up visits are available as needed.
    • Team members are drawn from a pool of volunteer experts identified through or appointed by statewide professional organizations, the Chancellor’s Office, and others. Teams for each client are approved by the institution’s CEO and the Chancellor’s Office.
    • Grants of up to $200,000 in seed money are available to institutions that receive an Innovation and Effectiveness Plan. Grants are intended to accelerate Innovation and Effectiveness Plan implementation.
    • Factors in selecting what institutions receive a Partnership Resource Team visit include an institution’s needs and readiness.

    Professional Development

    • Regional and statewide workshops, online webinars, as well as other professional development resources
    • Professional development opportunities are available to all colleges and college districts, regardless of their participation with Partnership Resource Teams.

  2. Who are the IEPI’s partners?
    • The Success Center for California Community Colleges.
    • College of the Canyons.
    • Foothill College.
    • Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges.
    • Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.
  3. How can you get involved?
    • Express interest in Partnership Resource Team assistance. Letters of interest from institutional CEOs can be submitted at any time and are reviewed regularly.
    • Send us feedback: insteffect@cccco.edu
    • Contact IEPI leadership: