For general inquiries regarding our state and federal advocacy on behalf of the California Community Colleges, please email

David O'Brien, Vice Chancellor of Government Relations
(916) 323-5951

Linda Vazquez, Assistant Vice Chancellor for State and Federal Relations
(916) 322-6888

Justin C. Salenik, Government Relations analyst
(916) 324-2547

Imran Majid, Government Relations analyst 
(916) 324-2363

Theresa Brown, Government Relations analyst 
(916) 323-1268

Maxwell Nelson, Government Relations analyst
(916) 327-5884

Cody Peters, Office Technician
(916) 327-5488


Government relations staff act as a contact for information between legislative offices seeking information from the Chancellor's Office and for local colleges seeking information on pending legislation and implementation. The following document summarizes the main point of contact for each major policy area.
Staff Policy Areas (Last Updated: 01/23/2023)