Legal Advisories and Opinions

Legal advisories are issued by the Office of the General Counsel concerning current issues within the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors and the Chancellor.  The advisories are intended to provide information on existing legal matters or affairs, and to alert local district officials on issues of system-wide concern.

2019 Advisories

19-03: Federal Public Charge Rule Changes (PDF)

19-02: AB 2210 Compliance - Nonresident Tuition

2018 Advisories

Using Criminal History Records in Hiring
CCC Policy Guidance on Fair Chance Hiring Best Practices 2-8-2019

18-03: Union "Fair Share" Fees; Janus v. AFSCME and Senate Bill 866(2018)

Recent Additions to Nonresident Tuition Exemptions
Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request Form
Supplemental Questions and Answers
AB 540 Flyer

18-01: Sanctuary Jurisdiction

2016 Advisories

16-02: Change in Local Election System: PDF or Word

16-01: Military Recruitment Request for Students List (Solomon Amendment): PDF or Word

2013 Advisories

13-01: CalSTRS Audit of Academic Positions at SFCCD:  PDF or Word

2011 Advisories

AB 684: Waiver for Amending Trustee Elections: PDF or Word
Election Waiver Request form: Word

11-01: Discrimination Complaint Procedures: PDF or Word 

2010 Advisories

10-01: November 2010: AB 540 Litigation:  PDF or Word 

2008 Advisories

08-02: October 2008: To Be Arranged (TBA) Hours Compliance Advice:  PDF or Word 

08-01: September 2008: AB 540 Litigation:  PDF or Word 

2007 Advisories

07-01: December 2007: Revised Guidelines and Information on AB 540 Exemption from Nonresident Tuition:  
PDF or Word 

2006 Advisories

06-03: October 10, 2006: AB 540 Litigation - Martinez v. U.C. Regents, et al.:  PDF or Word 

06-02: September 27, 2006: Public Records Act Requests for Disclosure of Faculty Aggregate Grades:  PDF or Word 

06-01: May 18, 2006: Changes to Nondiscrimination Regulations:  PDF or Word 

2005 Advisories

05-01: Concurrent Enrollment Q&A. PDF

2004 Advisories

05-01: Concurrent Enrollment Q&A. PDF

Written opinions are issued by the Office of the General Counsel when the request for review is within the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors and the Chancellor and is deemed to be of systemwide concern or continuing public interest, as opposed to individual complaints and concerns. In general, the Office of the General Counsel only issues written legal opinions for the Board of Governors or in response to a written request (by letter or e-mail) from the state Chancellor's Office or local district officials (such as members of boards of trustees, chancellors, vice chancellors, superintendent/presidents, vice presidents and district legal counsel).

2019 Opinions

2018 Opinions

  • 18-03:  FIST Program and Residency of Formerly Incarcerated Students.pdf
  • 18-02:
  • 18-01:  Unaccredited High School Diplomas

2016 Opinions

  • 16-04: Proposition 209 and Equal Employment Opportunity - PDF or Word
  • 16-03: Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Procedures - PDF or Word
  • 16-02: Dual Enrollment and Assembly Bill 288 (CCAP) - 16-02: Dual Enrollment and Assembly Bill 288 (CCAP) - PDF or Word
    • AB 288 Dual Enrollment, March 2016 Partnership Agreement Guidelines for Apportionment Eligibility
    or Word
    • AB 288 Dual Enrollment, March 2016 Partnership Agreement Guidelines for Apportionment Eligibility
  • 16-01: Education Code Section 67380 (Campus Safety Plan) - PDF or Word

2013 Opinions

  • 13-06:  Lake Tahoe CCD Nonresident Fees/Interstate Attendance Agreements - PDF or Word
  • 13-05:  IRS Penalties for incorrect or missing TINs on IRS Form 1098-T - PDF or Word
  • 13-02: Credit Course Sections Funded by Donations - PDF or Word

2012 Opinions

  • 12-09: Student Fee Handbook PDF or Word
  • 12-07: Associated Student Organization  PDF or Word
  • 12-05: SSCCC Advocacy PDF or Word
  • 12-04: Representation Fee for Advocacy PDF or Word
  • 12-03: Basic Aid Status PDF or Word
  • 12-01: State Laws and Preemption Over City Charters PDF or Word

2011 Opinions

  • 11-05: Release of Personally Identifiable Information from Education Records to Foundations PDF or Word
  • 11-04: Involuntary Drop after Census Date PDF or Word
  • 11-03: Enrollment Fee Waivers PDF or Word
  • 11-02: Full-Time Faculty Qualifications for FON Calculations PDF or Word

2010 Opinions

  • 10-07: Limitations on Enrollment for Cohorts of Students PDF or Word
  • 10-06: Apportionment Claims for Classes Located on CSU or UC Campuses PDF or Word
  • 10-05: Waiver of Student Fees for Armed Forces Members PDF or Word 

2009 Opinions

  • 09-05: Nonresidents and Capital Outlay Fees PDF or Word
  • 09-04: Application of Catalog Rights to New Degree Requirements PDF or Word
  • 09-03: Auxiliary Organization Legal Liability PDF or Word
  • 09-02: CCCTran Transcript Fees PDF or Word
  • 09-01: Full time Faculty Obligation PDF or Word

2008 Opinions

  • 08-02: The Civic Center Act and Partisan Political Activities (Education Code section 82537) PDF or Word 

2007 Opinions

  • L 07-12: May Instructors Assign Incomplete or Failing Grades for the Purpose of Discouraging Cheating by Students? PDF or Word
  • L 07-09: The “District’s Actual Cost” Requirement of California Code of Regulations Title 5, Section 59402(c) With Respect to Required Instructional Materials. PDF or Word
  • L 07-08: Minimum Qualifications. PDF or Word 
  • L 07-07: Availability and Use of Information on Students’ Past Conduct. PDF or Word 
  • L 07-06: Charging Interest on Deferred Enrollment Fees. PDF or Word 
  • L 07-04: Clinical Nursing Faculty -- Interpretation of Education Code section 87482. PDF or Word 
  • L 07-02: Offering Courses Outside of District Boundaries. PDF or Word 

2006 Opinions

  • O 06-10: May a college provide instruction in Spanish, or another language other than English, in some sections of a course to those with limited English proficiency, if other sections of the course are conducted in English? PDF or Word 
  •  O 06-08: May a college offer a nursing program under a contract with a hospital where the hospital pays the college for the full cost of instruction and then charges members of the public a fee to recover those costs? PDF or Word 
  • L 06-07: Does a student incarcerated in a state prison qualify as a California resident for purposes of nonresident tuition? Is it appropriate to inquire about the student's residency prior to incarceration. PDF or Word 
    06-06: May a district that currently provides health services and charges a health services fee under the authority of Education Code section 76355 terminate its health services program if it also stops charging students a health services fee? PDF or Word 
  • O 06-05: May a district require its part-time faculty to pay for the portion of health benefit premiums not reimbursed by the state pursuant to Ed. Code section 87867? If so, can part-time faculty members be required to pay more than one-half of the total cost if the state allocation covers less than half of the cost for health benefits? PDF or Word 
  • L 06-04: Response to questions regarding the application of Education Code section 87483 to college administrators. PDF or Word 
  • O 06-03: Questions regarding the procedures which apply to a community college district's amendment of its application for an exemption from the requirements of Education Code section 84362 (Fifty Percent Law).PDF or Word 
  • O 06-02: Is a student who receives a certificate of completion instead of a regular high school diploma eligible for the exemption from nonresident tuition provided by Education Code section 68130.5.  PDF or Word 
  • L 06-01: Did an election held at Grossmont College validly authorized a mandatory student center fee and, if so, may the fee revenue be used to pay the salary of a custodian to clean the student center?  PDF or Word 

2005 Opinions

  • L 05-14: May the West Valley Mission CCD use a facility located in the Gavilan CCD to offer Administration of Justice courses under an instructional services agreement with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office? PDF or Word
  • L 05-12: May a community college district charge students for transportation costs associated with voluntary field trips? PDF or Word 
  •  E 05-11: Must a "summit conference" being convened by the System Office on Friday October 7, 2005, to discuss future plans for the statewide Student Senate be conducted as a public meeting subject to the requirements of either the Ralph M. Brown Act or the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act?  PDF or Word 
  •  L 05-10: Does Ed. Code § 76361 require a community college district to completely exempt students receiving BOG fee waivers from the mandatory transportation fee authorized by § 76361?  PDF or Word 
  •  O 05-09: Should a certificate of achievement issued by a high school to a student with exceptional needs be considered evidence of "graduation from a California high school or attainment of the equivalent thereof" for purposes of Education Code § 68130.5 that was enacted through AB 540? PDF or Word 
  •  O 05-03: May a community college district adopt a policy which would accord continuing EOPS eligibility to a student with EOPS eligibility who interrupts education due to being called up for military service and returns to college within a short time after completing military service? PDF or Word 

2004 Opinions

  • O 04-17: Do certain provisions of the Government Code as amended by Assembly Bill 2756 apply to community college districts? PDF or Word 
  • L 04-16: Do persons accused of unlawful discrimination have a right of appeal to the local governing board and to the Chancellor's Office under title 5, section 59300 et seq.? PDF or Word 
  • O 04-15: Is the capital outlay fee required for foreign students pursuant to Education Code section 76141 also required for students exempted from nonresident tuition pursuant to Education Code section 68130.5? PDF or Word 
  • O 04-14: May a district drop a student from a course after instruction has begun where the student fails to pay the enrollment fees for the course? PDF or Word 
  • O 04-13: Admission of high school students over 18 under general admission provisions or as concurrent enrollment students. PDF or Word 
  • O 04-11: Student Fees - Required Instructional Materials. PDF or Word 
  • O 04-10: District Ability to Count Amounts Paid to Outside Agencies as "Salaries of Classroom Instructors" under the 50% Law. PDF or Word 
  • E 04-02: Effect of Ed. Code section 76061 on eligibility requirements of student body officers. PDF or Word