The Transfer-Level Gateway Completion dashboard provides completion rates of transfer-level English, mathematics (or equivalent quantitative reasoning course), and credit ESL starting from students’ first course enrollment in the discipline (whether at or below transfer-level ).

Statewide or College View

The Statewide or College View (first tab) in the dashboard allows users to select a college, discipline, timeframe to completion, starting course level, and term of first enrollment (Fall or any). A number of disaggregations are available, including for ethnicity, gender, high school grade point average (GPA), and program participation (e.g. Puente, MESA, DSPS , etc.), with disproportionate impact, where observed, noted for each disaggregation.

Regional View

The Regional View (second tab) in the dashboard allows users to compare transfer level completion rates by region or across a selection of colleges within the state and select various filters including discipline, starting course level, and timeframe to completion. This view is designed to assist colleges in finding appropriate comparisons and/or potential local colleagues at other institutions to support institutional efforts at improvement. While this view does not support full display of disaggregated data available in the Statewide of College View, it does summarize key disproportionate impacts for transfer level gateway completion across the region or colleges selected.

Additional Dashboard Information

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  • Sample Sizes: Cell sizes below 10 are suppressed.
  • Data Limitations: The dataset available includes a student's first two attempts at transfer-level. Completion rates may be underestimated, especially for longer timeframes such as the two- and three-year filters.
  • Regional View: The ability for colleges to compare across their region is intended to provide peer comparisons in the respective region or by selecting individual colleges within the state that may be more appropriate for comparison.
  • Update Cycle: Data on this dashboard will be updated at the end of each spring term.
  • Data Source: File provided by Cal-PASS Plus on 11-13-2020. Includes data for fall 2010 through summer 2020.