The Chancellor’s Office has curated and invested in a set of curated support and technical assistance opportunities colleges can engage in. Colleges are invited to participate in Chancellor’s Office sponsored curated support and technical assistant offerings in addition to the AB1705 funding allocation to assist with implementation requirements outlined in ESS 23-08 Required Action: Equitable Placement, Support and Completion (AB 1705) Funding Allocation and the Submission of Funding Plans (PDF). Please review the overviews of each of the exciting opportunities below.

The Equity Accelerator

The Equity Accelerator’s (EA) mission is to create more equitable learning and working environments. They work with colleges and organizations to help them create and sustain Cultures of Growth, where all people have the support, opportunities, and resources they need to thrive. They offer high-impact, low-lift, evidence-based approaches for advancing equitable experiences in higher education and workplace settings that are practical, adaptable, and integrate into what you’re already doing.

The Chancellor’s Office is partnering with EA to implement the evidence-based belonging program at California community college campuses in the fall of 2025. This 30-minute, online program helps newly matriculating students understand that initial belonging worries are common and diminish with time, effort, and effective strategies. With this mindset shift, students engage more with their social and academic environment, leading to increased persistence and higher achievement. 

For more information about the belonging program please see our presentation and flyer. To apply to be a part of Equity Accelerator’s belonging program, please complete the application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning May 17, 2024. Contact with questions or for more information. 

Motivate Lab

Motivate Lab is looking to partner with California community colleges seeking ways to enhance the success of their corequisite courses. The Lab offers faculty professional development to infuse learning mindsets into their curriculum, with data showing increased success rates for students overall as well as increased success rates for underrepresented students.  

Please consider joining Cohort Two, with a spring/summer 2024 preparation process and fall 2024 faculty professional development participation timeline.  

Cohort Three will begin preparations in the spring of 2025 for a fall 2025 faculty professional development participation timeline   

You can learn more about the Lab with the video and document linked below,  Please use this application to indicate your interest for either cohort by February 29, 2024.  Address questions to Dr. Marcus Kolb at


Motivate Lab Video

Learning Mindset (PDF)

Supporting Student Motivation In Corequisite Courses (PDF)  

The National Laboratory for Education Transformation (NLET)

The National Laboratory for Education Transformation (NLET) seeks to “develop and support student-centric learning and career outcomes toward improving lives” by supporting and credentialing learners. Through this partnership, NLET will customize a faculty driven OER (open educational resources) platform for corequisite support in math, targeted to the needs of the California community college system. Referred to as Just In Time Math, the platform uses curated OER with automated formative assessments to create targeted support in math. This concurrent support tool assists math teaching, learning, and review by providing more than 600 micro- competencies from pre-algebra to pre-calculus and statistics.

To apply to be a part of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation work, please complete the application. The deadline to Apply is September 29, 2023. Contact with questions or for more information.


The deadline to apply has passed. NLET is no longer accepting applications for this project. Please contact with questions or for more information about the Just in Time Mathematics platform.

California Corequisite Initiative (PDF)

California Corequisite Initiative (PPT)

Partnership Resource Teams (PRT)

Partnership Resource Teams (PRT) provide colleges with technical assistance to support the development of innovative strategies, best practices, resources, and tools. For example, a PRT can help a client institution create a development plan centered on achieving racial equity in educational access, support, and outcomes for students. A PRT can also provide guidance and support in the cultivation of inclusive classrooms and anti-racist curriculum, and the integration of evidenced-based pedagogical strategies that promote equitable placement, support, and completion. PRTs serve as peer guides, helping colleges improve their developmental education reform implementation.

To work with a PRT, please visit our Letter of Interest (LOI) web page for guidelines on submitting your letter. For LOI submissions for a PRT process beginning in Spring 2024, the application deadline is September 27, 2024


Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs): Support for Colleges in Improving Equitable Placement and Completion (PDF)

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative Technical Assistance through Partnership Resource Teams Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


EPS&C Webinar 9/8/2023: Showcase of Curated Support Opportunities

Equitable Placement, Support and Completion (AB 705/1705) Showcase of Curated Professional Development Opportunities Webinar ~ September 8, 2023