The Library & Learning Resources program helps students chart a successful future. At both the local and systemwide level, library and learning resources personnel work with other faculty, administrators, staff, and students to expand information literacy, to assist in the delivery of instruction, to provide tutoring and learning assistance services, and more.

The Library & Learning Resources program utilizes technology to evaluate and coordinate electronic access to information and support services, it aims to strengthen collaboration and resource sharing among community college libraries, and it advocates policies that promote equity and diversity.

Key to the program is a Library and Learning Resources Programs Advisory Committee that advises the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office on topics relating to effective planning and delivery of services in community college libraries and learning resources programs. The committee also informs the Chancellor’s Office of changes and trends in the educational environment, and in library and learning resources programs.

Annual Library Data Survey Certificate

2021/21 Certificate PDF form - Due October 31, 2021

2019/20 Certificate PDF form- Due October 31, 2020

2019-2021 Library and Learning Resources Program: Advisory Committee Members