The California Community Colleges Curriculum Committee (5C) is overseen by the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and is co-chaired by a faculty representative appointed by the ASCCC President and a Chief Instructional Officer appointed by the CCCCIO Executive Board. These co-chairs work in collaboration with the CCCCO to establish the goals and objectives of the committee and to schedule and lead the meetings. 

Decision Making and Recommendations

A quorum is more than 50% of the voting members present in person or by teleconference. Vacancies do not count towards the determination of the quorum.  5C may make recommendations to the Board of Governors, to the Chancellor through Consultation, and to the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services.  5C shall make every effort to reach consensus when making decisions. If consensus is not reached, then decisions shall be made by simple majority vote of the voting membership present. Recommendations will be sent forward in the following order:

  1. Recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services for action, legal interpretation, research, or other support as needed
  2. 5C recommendations to the Chancellor through Consultation
  3. 5C recommendations that require Board of Governors approval