Founded in 1984, the Foster and Kinship Care Education (FKCE) program provides applicant and approved Resource Parent training as part of a child-centered Resource Family Approval process. Classes and workshops cover a variety of mandated topics including Child Protective and Probation Systems, Cultural Needs of Children, Birth Parent relationships, Grief and Loss, Behavioral Supports for Children Impacted by Trauma, Permanence and Education Needs of Children in Foster Care.

FKCE classes meet pre-approval and annual training requirements as well as specialized skill areas such as Providing Care and Supervision to Children with Special Health Care Needs, Understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act and Best Practices when Caring for Commercially Exploited Children. In addition, FKCE offers services for special populations such as classes for participants with English as their second language and ADA compliant classes.  Classes and Workshops are available in person and online. Program offerings vary by college.

Collaborative efforts with the California Department of Social Services, a state advisory committee, county departments of social services, and statewide foster care stakeholders make the success of this program possible. Foster and Kinship Care Education is essential in meeting the multifaceted and complex needs of foster children in California.

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