The Foster and Kinship Care Education program (FKCE), previously Foster Care Education, was founded in 1984 as part of the Foster Children and Parent Training Fund to train foster parents.  

This program offers classes and workshops for adults interested in providing foster care for related and unrelated children in out-of-home placement.  Classes and Workshops topics include an overview of the Child Protective and Probation Systems, Positive Discipline, Cultural Needs of Children, Birth Parent relationships, Grief and Loss, Behavioral Supports for Children Impacted by Trauma and Emancipation/Independent Living, among others.

The Chancellor’s Office is responsible for the allocation of funds in support of this program to local community colleges and works in collaboration with the California Department of Social Services, a state advisory committee, county departments of social services, and statewide foster parent and kinship care associations to meet the training needs of prospective and continuing caregivers.

Foster and Kinship Care Education is essential in meeting the multifaceted and often complex needs of foster children in California.


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