Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is here to make sure students disadvantaged by social, economic, educational or linguistic barriers get the resources they need to enroll and succeed at any California community college. How? By offering comprehensive academic and support counseling, financial aid and a bevy of other services aimed at keeping students from dropping out and helping them reach their educational and career goals.

EOPS students who are single parents receiving public assistance can also access the CARE program, an acronym for Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education. The CARE program offers additional support services so students can transition from welfare dependency by securing the education, training, and marketable skills needed for self-sufficiency and upward social mobility.

But wait. There’s more.

The NextUp program, also known as Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support, is another EOPS program, a program targeting the nearly 13,000 current or former foster youth enrolled in California’s community colleges. Next Up/Guardian Scholars offers a range of services and resources to help current and former foster youth increase their confidence and ability to become successful, college-educated individuals.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from any of these programs, contact your local community college to find out more.