The Board of Governors through the Chancellor’s Office is required by California Code of Regulations to oversee the Flexible Calendar program for the California Community Colleges. The Flexible (Flex) program consists of staff development activities “in-lieu-of” regular instruction.

Flex activities (CCR, title 5, division 6, chapter 6, subchapter 8, article 2, section 55724, item a-4) can be, but are not limited to, training programs, group retreats, field experiences, and workshops in activities such as course and program development and revision, staff development activities, development of new instructional materials, and other instruction-related activities.

Further details on the application process, permissible program activities and documentation requirements can be found in Guidelines for the Implementation of the Flexible Calendar Program (April 2007), prepared by the Faculty Development Committee of the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges in conjunction with the Chancellor's Office.

Forms and Guidelines

Flexible Calendar Planning and Certification Memo ~ February 28, 2022

Flexible Calendar Certification Form (PDF) - Due June 14, 2023

Guidelines for the Implementation of the Flexible Calendar Program (PDF) - Adopted April 1993, Revised April 2007