The Statewide Common Technology Platform Project seeks to understand and potentially address the vast inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in data and operations because of outdated and/or disconnected enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supporting ancillary systems. In addition, the project provides the Chancellor’s Office and the system a comprehensive view of the potential gains from shared technological platforms and the means to build a robust and unified approach to address the core challenges of:

  • Ongoing Security Vulnerabilities
  • Challenges in reporting accurate and consistent data in a timely manner
  • Unequal student, staff, and faculty experiences
  • Hiring and retaining statewide staff
  • Labor-intensive management of disparate and/or outdated systems

The Statewide Common Technology Platform Project aligns with Governor Newsom’s Roadmap with the California Community Colleges for 2022-2023 through 2026-2027 and Vision 2030.

  • Systems — to remove barriers at scale by providing near real-time data, improving student support and programmatic progression and analytics.
  • Policy — data governance practices that can inform and advance policy for further development and reforms.
  • Resources — maximizing investments and leveraging economies of scale for a systemwide Common Technology Platform.

Previous Work Completed

The Chancellor’s Office engaged with Huron Consulting group in 2021 to explore the impacts of implementing a common ERP platform across the California Community Colleges.

Read the Huron Report

The Case for Change

The Case for Change work, completed in the Spring of 2023, explores the case for California Community Colleges to modernize and unify its ERP technology to build institutional resiliency, provide a uniform experience and equitably support all students statewide in reaching their learning goals. The initial phase of work focused on documenting the needs and challenges the system is currently facing and what might be possible through a common California Community Colleges Common ERP.

Every student in our state deserves the same level of protection, the same level of service, the same quality of experience, the same ease of access to opportunity that every other student in the state has.
— CCC Stakeholder

Case for Change: The Project began by working with systemwide stakeholder groups to understand the technology challenges and opportunities we face. 11 statewide stakeholder groups were engaged. 67 stakeholders were interviewed. 45% of the districts were represented and 57% of the colleges were represented.

Read the Executive Summary

Statewide Common Technology Platform Project Solution Planning and Development

The focus of the Statewide Common Technology Platform Project Solution Planning and Development work is to create a comprehensive current state landscape and analysis of the ERP systems across the Colleges, develop a target state solution that creates systemwide standardization and integration, and gather requirements for a common ERP solution.

Participatory Engagement to Date

Through surveys and interviews from August to December 2023, the Statewide Common Technology Platform Project has engaged district stakeholders representing Educational Services & Support, Institutional Research, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

  • 230+ survey respondents across 46 Districts
  • 120+ interviews with 300+ attendees across 39 districts across the functional areas of Educational Services & Support, Institutional Research, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology

The Statewide Common Technology Platform Project is also engaging these statewide organizations through stakeholder input sessions:

  • Academic Senate
  • ACBO (Association of Chief Business Officials)
  • ACHRO (Association of Chief Human Resource Officers)
  • CACCRAO (California Association of Community College Registrars and Admissions Officers)
  • CALCSSO (California Chief Student Officers Association)
  • CCCCIO (California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers)
  • CCCSFAAA (California Community Colleges Financial Aid Administrators Association)
  • CEOCCC (Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges) Work Group 
  • CISOA (Chief Information Systems Officers Association)
  • RP (Research and Planning) Group
  • Student Senate


Case for Change: California Community Colleges Common ERP Full Report (PDF)

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