California Community Colleges supports the California State Water Boards’ efforts to enhance stormwater management as a resource.

Stormwater results from rain and snowmelt flowing over surfaces without absorbing into the ground. This runoff is often problematic due to its ability to carry pollutants like motor oil and debris. Typically, stormwater is channeled into bodies of water through sewers, which can cause rivers, lakes, and the ocean to become polluted. In California, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits regulate stormwater discharge. When managed correctly, stormwater can also replenish groundwater, making it a valuable resource. Please see the resources for more information.


2013 Storm Water Management Program Template (Word) [who owns this document? It was prepared by CSW | ST 2. Best practice is to link to the source. If we will host, the draft document needs to be finalized with form fields and remediated before posting on the live website.]

2014 Campus Water Conservation Survey (Excel) [who owns this document? It is an Excel file that needs to be turned into an accessible form before posting. Also, this is a 2014 survey - is there a newer version?]