Meeting Location

Santa Ana College Johnson Center 1530 W. 17th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 564-6000

September 18-19, 2017

Monday, 9/18/2017 (1PM-5PM*)
Tuesday, 9/19/2017 (10AM-12PM*)
*all times are approximate and subject to change

Consent Calendar
Item 1.1    Approval of the July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
Item 1.2    Approval of the July 2017 Board Retreat Minutes

Action Calendar
Item 2.1    Approval of Contracts and Grants
Item 2.2    Board Resolution Urging Congress to Act to Provide Immediate and Permanent Protections for Daca Students (Resolution)
Item 2.3    Adoption of Systemwide Goals Identified in the Strategic Vision 
Item 2.4    2018-19 Budget and Legislative Request (Attachment)
Item 2.5    Western Governors University Transfer Memorandum of Understanding (Attachment)
Item 2.6    Student Success for Basic Skills
Item 2.7    Re-appointment of Lance Izumi to the Board of Directors for the Foundation for California Community Colleges

First Reading
Item 3.1   Nomination of 2018 Board Officers
Item 3.2   Board of Governors Meeting Dates for 2019 (Attachment)

Information and Reports
Item 4.1    Accreditation Review Update
Item 4.2    Strategic Vision Action Plan
Item 4.3    Renaming Board of Governors Fee Waiver
Item 4.4    Flex Learning Options for Workers - FLOW
Item 4.5    State and Federal Legislative Update (State and Federal updates) (Matrix)
Item 4.6    Foundation for California Community Colleges - Strategic Plan Annual Impact Report
Item 4.7    Board Member Reports