This section contains a collection of previous USAW webinars and on-campus activities designed to raise awareness about the challenges undocumented students continue to face and discuss solutions that support their educational dreams.

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Vimeo Showcase - Recordings of all 4 Undocumented Student Action Week webinars

USAW Survey Results (PDF)

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Q and A Logs October 17 (PDF)

Q and A Logs October 18 (PDF)

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Learning Sessions

Student Leadership: Giving Voice to Undocumented Students

Promising Practices for Undocumented Student Center(ed) Programs

Financial Aid: Successfully Paying for College as an Undocumented Student in California

Advocating for Undocumented Students: Where do we go from here?

Breaking Enrollment Barriers: Creating a Pipeline to College for Undocumented High School Seniors

The Transfer Experience at Independent Nonprofit Colleges and Universities

Amplifying Undocumented Voices Through Policy, Advocacy, and Outreach Partnerships

The Collective Uplift: Supporting UndocuScholars and Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom


Building Bridges: Systemic Solutions to Support Undocumented Students

Equitable Student-Centered Design to Ensure Undocumented Student Success

Innovative Uses of Funds to Support Undocumented Students

Effectively Using Data in a Complex Environment

Policy Context: Undocumented Student Rights & Resources



Campus Safety and Educational Resources:

Undocumented Immigrants and COVID-19 Resources:

Videos from Attorney General's Office:


Successfully Paying for College as an Undocumented Student

A Conversation on Current State and Federal Immigration Policies

Undocu-Leadership Opportunities: Setting Yourself up for Success by Building Community and Professional Skills

Equity Beyond a Status, Undocumented Students and How to Serve Them

What’s Next After Community College? Transferring & Workforce Opportunities

Undocumented Student Supports: Building Institutional Infrastructure

Equitable Classroom Practices

Going Viral: Best Practices for Outreaching to Undocumented Students in a Virtual Era



Demystifying Dream Resource Centers: Building Campuswide Support

Protecting Student Data: Legal Responsibilities & Connecting Students To Resources

Pursuing Sustainable Funding for Undocumented Student Programming

Creating Safe Spaces on Campus: UndocuTalks Toolkit

Increasing Support for Undocumented Students at the CCCs Training Module

Paying for College: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Accessing Reputable Legal Support

Thriving with Fear & Building Resilience

Healing Through Art: The Emotional Expression of Art in Social Justice