For the past eight months, I have had the honor of supporting the California Community Colleges’ Vision for Success by working alongside faculty, staff and students who are implementing Guided Pathways. What stands out in almost every interaction is the acknowledgement that the work we’re being asked to do can feel tremendously hard and that our colleagues are meeting this head on by endeavoring to work together, asking hard questions, and navigating change.

Change can be difficult, yet it also brings an opportunity to reflect on our work and develop a clearer vision of what is needed to forge ahead. The very nature of Guided Pathways is about change, transition and, ultimately, transformation of the California Community Colleges. One of the best examples of change is Assembly Bill 705, which is impacting thousands of students by eliminating a major barrier in the student journey.

The GP Connect Newsletter highlights college partners who are thriving during this period of change by taking new approaches, challenging the status quo and going beyond business as usual. We have a shared responsibility to move our system forward, and we are here to support your work and provide the assistance you need to make that happen.

The California Community College is the largest system of higher education in the country. With that distinction comes a huge responsibility to more than two million students. Our responsibility is great, but so is the opportunity for our colleges to make good on the Vision for Success and help uplift the lives of millions of Californians.

Thank you for all you do.