The Vision Resource Center, now powered by Cornerstone OnDemand, is nearly a year old, and the easy-to-use hub for Guided Pathways tools, resources and colleague connections is still growing. The Vision Resource Center centralizes communications among Guided Pathways professionals throughout the seven-region, 116-college system and has more than 23,000 users.

The Center helps connect professionals across the state through online communities moderated by experts. Topics for discussion include the Student-Centered Funding Formula, Guided Pathways and Vision for Success.

“It has been very helpful to get to see what other colleges are doing and to be able to seek answers to questions I know many of us have,” says Palomar College’s Kelly Falcone. “For example, recently Donna Knifong from Sierra shared how they have incorporated student voice by offering workshops called ‘Listening to Students.’ I’m thankful she shared her work with us so that we could see an example of what has worked at other schools!”

Among the most recent modules added to the Vision Resource Center are:

  • Corequisite Support in California’s Community Colleges, focusing on improving developmental education as it relates to assessment and placement rules in light of AB 705.
  • Improving Equity in Campus Hiring, covering data, practices and resources to improve equitable hiring at the California Community Colleges.
  • Pursuing the Vision for Success and An Introduction to Guided Pathways, have been redesigned based on user feedback and provide foundational information on the critical reform efforts that our system has undertaken.

The Vision Resource Center features system-specific resources, learning modules and communities of learning, as well as full access to Skillsoft and’s libraries of video trainings. California Community College faculty and staff can visit the Vision Resource Center to create an account, browse learning opportunities and connect with colleagues.