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2021 State of the System Report (PDF)
July 2021
The past year has been a test like no other for our students, faculty and staff, serving up pain and loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice. Yet despite these challenges we continue to show progress toward meeting goals of the system’s Vision for Success, which sets a path to increase certificate and degree attainment, to improve transfer and to close equity gaps. We have emerged from this trying year as a higher education system that is stronger and more resilient than ever, and our “new normal” is one defined by empathy, innovation and steadfast commitment to closing equity gaps.

2020 State of the System Report (PDF)
July 2020
The 2020 State of the System report details the goals outlined in the system’s Vision for Success and shows the number of community college students who earn college credentials increased by 20% over the past two years, meeting one of six goals outlined in the Vision for Success ahead of schedule. The report also highlights colleges are making progress toward meeting the other goals, which includes narrowing the achievement gaps among students of color and those who live in poorer regions of our state.

2019 State of the System Report (PDF)
April 2019
The 2019 State of the System report details the goals outlined in the system’s Vision for Success and shows modest improvement in the number of students earning a credential, transferring to a UC or CSU and going on to be employed in their field of study. This report also highlights key programs and policy changes that will help the system’s 115 colleges continue to move towards implementing the Vision so that all California community college students can achieve their higher educational goals.