As the largest system of higher education in the nation, the California Community Colleges is dedicated to helping students of all backgrounds improve their social and economic mobility while building a better life for themselves and their families.

Today’s community colleges students are tomorrow’s workers, employers, citizens and leaders and to best support them, the 116 California community colleges are guided by the Vision for Success. This framework guides us as we work to improve student outcomes, including closing achievement gaps, increasing degree and certificate attainment and transfers to four-year institutions, reducing excess unit accumulation by students and securing gainful employment.

The Vision for Success, adopted by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors in 2017, was born of a need to clarify the challenges and opportunities we face to serve our system’s 1.8 million students. Through that process, and in subsequent work, we identified many ways to improve how we show up for students and redouble our commitment to equity or communities of color and low-income Californians will fall even further behind. Our efforts are guided by the core belief that colleges should simplify paths to educational goals and help students stay on those paths until completion.

In the three years since the adoption of the Vision for Success, we have:

  • Worked with every college to implement Guided Pathways as an equity-focused organizing framework. It puts students at the center of everything we do while increasing flexibility in the way our colleges structure courses, credit and support to meet the needs of the future workforce.
  • Increased the number of students who earn college credentials by 20 percent, meeting one of six goals in the Vision for Success ahead of schedule.
  • Made progress toward meeting the other Vision for Success goals, such as increasing transfer and narrowing achievement gaps among students of color and increasing the number of students getting jobs in their field of study.
  • Provided colleges more flexibility with funding for programs and services that advance equity.

By being fearless in our commitment to make the Chancellor’s Office and the California Community Colleges as a whole truly student ready, we can meet the needs of this moment and realize our mission of opening the door of economic prosperity to all Californians.


signature of Eloy Ortiz Oakley

Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley