Recovering California’s economy from the COVID-19 pandemic while at the same time keeping pace with advancements in technology, requires us to build a high performing ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’ within our faculty, administration and our diverse student population. Key to our success is providing faculty with the tools and resources needed to facilitate in-classroom experiences.

Through the Invention and Inclusive Innovation (i3) initiative, we are seeking to create a paradigm shift that transforms faculty from ‘instructors of information’ to ‘facilitators of thought’ who no longer just impart knowledge but create space for students to share their unique perspectives to solving challenges, building confidence and communicating effectively with their peers and faculty. By doing so, we train our learners to seamlessly transition into 21st Century job opportunities.

The instructional approach responds to the need for creative problem solvers who draw on expertise from multiple disciplines, cultural knowledge, and a diverse range of lived experiences to construct innovative solutions to real world challenges. Most importantly, invention education provides experiential learning for those involved, engaging learners, and building confidence in students as a key retention strategy.

  • overhead view of adverse group of students collaborating around a table using post-it notes and laptops

    Goal Initiatives

    • To facilitate the instruction of an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ that will empower students to build their life in their own terms and take dreams of a future career into their own hands.
    • To redesign learning environments to be accessible that supports lifelong learners