The Invention and Inclusive Innovation (i3) initiative encourages, harnesses, and develops the inventive talents of communities across the state. 

Led by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office in collaboration with the Lemelson-MIT Program, the initiative integrates an emerging learning approach for working across disciplinary boundaries, known as invention education, with an innovative teaching and learning approach that incorporates the concept of for-benefit enterprises.

  • diverse group of students collaborating around a laptop

    Goal Initiatives

    • To inspire anyone regardless of age, race, geography, and professional status to be an inventor, and
    • To redesign learning environments to be accessible that supports lifelong learners

Four California community colleges have been selected to develop a prototype customized to the needs of the community college experience focused on ensuring diversity, inclusivity, and equity. The prototype design will include multi- discipline student teams working online, in and out of the classroom, utilizing an open inquiry and problem finding approach to solve problems within their communities.

Community College Selections

  • Chaffey Community College: Rancho Cucamonga, Chaffey Community College District
  • College of the Desert: Palm Desert, Desert Community College District
  • Modesto Community College: Modesto, Yosemite Community College District
  • Sierra Community College: Rocklin, Sierra Joint Community College District

This program prototype for community colleges developed by the four colleges is expected to be scaled to twenty additional colleges for implementation in 2022.

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