Connecting Community Colleges to the Maker Movement to Build In-Demand STEM/STEAM Skills

RFA No. 16-203: Fiscal Agent for INNOVATIONMAKER3 and STEM/STEAM Workforce Development

Memo Announcing Intent to Award RFA No. 16-203 (PDF)
Memo Announcing New Grant Opportunity RFA No. 16-203 (PDF)
Bidders ConferenceTuesday May 3, 2016
Appendix A
Article I-Program-Specific Legal Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Appendix AArticle II-Standard Legal Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Appendix BApplication Forms (Excel)
Appendix CGuidelines, Definitions and Allowable Expenditures (PDF) 
Appendix D, List of Background Reading Links, including draft of CCST white paper entitled “Promoting Engagement of the California Community 
                      Colleges with the Maker Movement” (PDF)
Appendix E, Roles and Responsibilities for Technical Assistance Providers TAPS (PDF)

Appendix F, Supervisor of Record Certification Roles and Responsibilities for Onboarding of Project Directors/Key Talent (PDF)
Appendix G2016-2017 Common Metrics Description (PDF)

Memo regarding Solicitation of Interest for INNOVATIONMAKER Investment 3

Letter of Interest

Single Applicants:

1.   Allan Hancock College – South Central Region
2.   Cabrillo College – Bay Area Region
3.   Canada College – Bay Area Region
4.   City College of San Francisco – Bay Area Region
5.   College of the Canyons – South Central Region
6.   College of the Desert – (submitted twice) – Inland Empire/Desert Region
7.   Foothill College – Bay Area Region
8.   Hartnell College – Bay Area Region
9.   Miracosta Community College  – San Diego/Imperial Region
10. Moorpark College – South Central Region
11. Mt. San Antonio College – LA/OC Region
12. Palomar College  – San Diego/Imperial Region
13. Saddleback College – LA/OC Region
14. San Diego City College – San Diego/Imperial Region
15. San Diego Mesa College – San Diego/Imperial Region
16. Skyline College – Bay Area Region
17. Solano College – Bay Area Region
18. Woodland Community College – North-Far North Region
19. Yuba College – North-Far North Region

Group/Regional Applicants:
Peralta Community College District – Bay Area Region
20. College of Alameda– Bay Area Region
21. Laney College– Bay Area Region

Pasadena Community College District – LA/OC Region
22. Cerritos College – LA/OC Region
23. El Camino College – LA/OC Region
24. Glendale City College – LA/OC Region
25. Long Beach City College – LA/OC Region
26. Pasadena City College – LA/OC Region

Coast Community College District – LA/OC Region
27. Golden West College – LA/OC Region
28. Orange Coast College – LA/OC Region

San Bernadino Community College District – Inland Empire/Desert Region
29. Crafton Hills College (submitted twice)– Inland Empire/Desert Region
30. San Bernadino College (submitted twice)– Inland Empire/Desert Region

Los Rios Community College District – North-Far North Region
31. American River College– North-Far North Region
32. Cosumnes River College– North-Far North Region
33. Folsom Lake College– North-Far North Region
34. Sacramento City College (submitted twice)– North-Far North Region

Sierra College – Bay Area and North-Far North Regions
35. Butte College – North-Far North Region
36. Sacramento City College(submitted twice)– North-Far North Region
37. San Mateo College– Bay Area Region
38. Sierra College (Lead) – North-Far North Region

Los Angeles Community College District – LA/OC Region
39. East LA College – LA/OC Region
40. LA City College – LA/OC Region
41. LA Harbor College – LA/OC Region
42. LA Mission College – LA/OC Region
43. LA Pierce College – LA/OC Region
44. LA Southwest College – LA/OC Region
45. LA Trade Tech College – LA/OC Region
46. LA Valley College – LA/OC Region
47. West LA College a – LA/OC Region
      West LA College b – LA/OC Region

State Center Community College District – Central Valley/Motherlode Region
48. Bakersfield College – Central Valley Region
49. Clovis Community College – Central Valley Region
50. Columbia College – Motherlode Region
51. Fresno City College – Central Valley Region
52. Reedley College (Lead) – Central Valley Region
53. West Hills College, Coalinga – Central Valley Region
54. West Hills College, Lemoore – Central Valley Region

Inland Empire/Desert Region
55. Barstow College– Inland Empire/Desert Region
56. Chaffey College – Inland Empire/Desert Region
57. College of the Desert(submitted twice)– Inland Empire/Desert Region
58. Copper Mountain College– Inland Empire/Desert Region
59. Crafton Hills College(submitted twice)– Inland Empire/Desert Region
60. Moreno Valley College– Inland Empire/Desert Region
61. Mt. San Jacinto College– Inland Empire/Desert Region
62. Norco College (Lead) – Inland Empire/Desert Region
63. Palo Verde College– Inland Empire/Desert Region
64. Riverside College– Inland Empire/Desert Region
65. San Bernadino Valley College(submitted twice)– Inland Empire/Desert Region
66. Victor Valley College– Inland Empire/Desert Region

Number of Intent Letters by Region



Bay Area Region


Central Valley Region


Inland Empire/Desert Region


LA/OC Region


North-Far North Region


San Diego/Imperial Region


South Central Region

66 Letters of Intent Received

Duplicate Letters Received from: College of the Desert, Crafton Hills College, San Bernadino Valley College, and Sacramento City College as noted.

Number of Colleges Interested in Planning a MakerSpace


Number of Colleges Who Have Made an Existing Commitment to MakerSpace


Number of Colleges w/existing MakerSpace(s)