Announcement Notification

RFA for Regional Consortia Grants

The following RFA and Appendices were revised February 11, 2013

Request for Applications and Instructions (Rev. 2/11/13) (PDF)


About the Regional Consortia Grants

The goals of the CCCCO Workforce and Economic Development Division grants (previously awarded under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework) are as follows: to supply in-demand skills for employers, create relevant career pathways and stackable credentials, promote student success, and get Californians into open jobs. Key activities under this framework include: a focus on regional priority/emergent sectors and industry clusters (to be referred to simply as “sectors”); to take effective practices to scale; to integrate and leverage programming between funding streams; to promote common metrics for student success; and, to remove structural barriers to execution.

This grant funds seven Regional Consortia under the Carl D. Perkins Act: Greater Sacramento, Northern Inland, Northern Coastal ($300k + $70k); East Bay, North Bay, SF/Peninsula, Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz/Monterey ($300k + $70k); Los Angeles, Orange county ($300k + $70 k; Central/Mother Lode ($150k + $70k); South Central ($150k + $70k); Inland Empire ($150k + $70k); and San Diego/Imperial ($150k + $70k). The funding supports a Consortia Chair and the consortium activities that “move the needle” in the region’s new and emergent sectors.