Workforce: The Regional Reality is the Economic and Workforce Development Division’s answer to the call of state legislative leadership for regional innovation partnerships between education, business, community and local government entities to improve educational and workforce outcomes for California’s learners.  Because a regional collaborative approach is effective at preparing students for college and careers, the CCCCO Workforce and Economic Development Division is providing this Regional Reality Tool Kit to support stakeholders in developing and sharing best practices.  This three-phase plan is designed to communicate and emphasize the importance of community colleges, key field EWD talent, employers, and workforce partners working together in regional collaboration to close the skills gap.  Below are resources including overview video, webinars of already successful regional models, and a sharing tool of local college success stories resulting from regional alliances.

Phase 1 - Workforce: The Regional Reality Video - 2012

Understand why regional collaboration is more important than ever.

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Phase 2 - Regional Collaboration Models

Learn about two models featured in two separate webinars demonstrating regional collaboration success in vastly different markets with different complexities, sectors and employer bases, numbers of community colleges, and economic conditions. Different regions have different challenges, but look to use pieces of these models to create a program that works for your region.  Additional models will be featured as they are developed.

1. Marketplace


SDICCA EDPAC Presentation 1/22/14

Phase 3: Practices with Promise - Workforce Outcomes eShowcase

The Practices with Promise Workforce Outcomes e-Showcase system is an easy to use technology on the CCCCO Workforce and Economic Development Division website that allows sharing and showcasing of regional collaboration successes throughout the system and state.

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Other Tool Kit Resources

The DACUM Process

Evaluating Industry Skill Panels: A Model Framework

Give Priority

Consider labor market needs when making budget, course & program decisions. Decide on program capacity as a region. More »

Make Room

Retool programs that are not working or not meeting a labor market need so that students can study what MATTERS. More »

Student Success

Adopt common metrics and skills panels in CCCCO RFAs. Strengthen regions with new skill sets. More »


Solve a complex workforce training need so that our system can better deliver for employers and sectors. 
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