When you’re an apprentice, you get relevant classroom instruction and on-the-job training – all while earning a paycheck.

More than 500,000 Americans are in apprenticeship programs each year, and that number has been rising steadily. Apprenticeships in the building and construction trades remain the backbone of the California Community Colleges Apprenticeship System, as there remains a steady demand for skilled and trained workers to enter careers in construction. At the same time, we are committed to increasing the numbers of people taking part in and completing an apprenticeship, and a focus in recent years has been developing new, non-traditional programs in industries such as health care, advanced manufacturing, and information technology.

Successful apprentices share the same qualities: ambition, perseverance and initiative. Educational requirements vary. Some programs require you to take an aptitude tests. If you’re yearning for an in-demand career that will provide you with a solid income, look into becoming an apprentice.

Apprenticeships have for centuries been a tried-and-true method of passing on essential technical skills and vocational know-how from one generation of workers to the next, and the California Community Colleges offer some of the best apprenticeship programs anywhere.