Policy Alignment and Outreach

The Policy Alignment and Outreach (PAO) Unit provides critical support for continuous workforce improvement and economic development in a manner that is adaptive and responsive to the changing needs of regional economies. The PAO Unit assists the college system to be market responsive, create career pathways for the current and future workforce, and foster California's competitiveness. Our primary goal is to work with employers, colleges, agencies and economic regions to partner, develop, and implement the CCCCO Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy framework. The goals of Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy are to supply in-demand skills for employers, create relevant career pathways and stackable credentials, promote student success and get Californians into open jobs.

In support of these efforts, the PAO Unit identifies and mitigates barriers to execution, whether practices, regulations or policies; ensures constituency outreach and engagement in informing policies and practices; and, analyzes and evaluates legislative impact on the workforce mission. 

Gary W. Adams, Dean
916.322.7079 | gadams@cccco.edu