Reports and Supporting Documents
Perkins CTE Core Indicator Reports- This area contains current and past fiscal year negotiation reports necessary for completing the FAUPLand the core indicator reports necessary for completing the online application.

The Negotiation Process document details instructions for completing the FAUPL and negotiations to set local core indicator targets. The document explains the process for negotiating those performance targets and describes the tools the Chancellor’s Office has developed to facilitate that negotiation.

Supporting Documents, text in blue are live links to data.  

Additional Resources
Perkins IV requires each state to submit, by December 31st of each year, annual enrollment, fiscal and performance data on its progress in achieving state levels of performance on the core indicators described in Title I (Basic Grant to States) and, if the state retains a separate tech prep program, Title II of Perkins IV. The most recent California approved US Dept. of Education Consolidated Annual Report is at

Collecting Data for Special Populations - This document describes an informal study of how colleges collect the data to report the special population categories required for the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act (VTEA) reporting. Although the Perkins Act has changed, the document remains relevant. The study provides an understanding of some common practices in the VTEA data collection effort in 2002, the effect of supplemental collection on funding, and provides some exemplary practices and samples.

From Compliance to Improvement: Accountability and Assessment in California Community Colleges - This PDF report by Norton Grubb and Norena Badway discusses the various issues in accountability and assessment, concentrating on the special conditions of community colleges. The paper provides the foundation for the regional CTE Program Improvement workshops offered throughout the state beginning in 2004-05 and continuing through 2005-06 that examine the uses of accountability and assessments of learning when planning program improvements in community colleges.

Performance Measures for Improving California Community Colleges: Issues and Options - This 1999 PDF report by W. Norton Grubb and Norena Badway discusses the various issues in accountability required for CCC, concentrating on the 1998 Perkins Act requirements and their alignment with other state and federal accountability systems for community colleges. The paper provides the foundation for the core indicators for Perkins II, III, and IV and how they relate to program improvement planning in community colleges.

Instructional Program Improvement Resource Guide: The PDF guide provides resources for program analysis and improvement. The guide was specifically designed for use by faculty, administrators and researchers.

LMID Advisory Committee: This link has quarterly updates from EDD/LMI Advisory meetings. The advisory committee is an excellent resource for comprehensive labor market trends and data, especially EDD’s economist Paul Wessen’s report. The link for the Advisory Group is also on the main LMID ( page of the web under “Quick Links.”

Labor Market Information: Labor Market Information website with new occupational projections.