California law (Ed Code § 70901(b)(4)) requires the Board to provide representation, advocacy and accountability for the system before state and national legislative and executive agencies. The Board’s Procedures and Standing Orders provide guidance to the Chancellor in representing the California Community Colleges on matters pending before the California Legislature and Governor, Congress and the President. The Procedures and Standing Orders also authorize the Chancellor to take positions on pending legislation on behalf of the Board, as specified (Procedures and Standing Orders § 317).

The Governmental Relations division represents the Chancellor and the Board on state and federal policy and advocacy matters. The California Community Colleges Vision for Success, the Board of Governors Budget and Legislative Request, and prior Board positions guide the activities of the division. In general, the Governmental Relations division seeks feedback from the Consultation Council and the Board prior to taking positions on pending policy matters.

Federal Update 2020

Following Congress’ return from Thanksgiving recess on December 3, 2019, the Chancellor Oakley and the Chancellor’s Office federal liaison, Connie Myers, participated in a numberof meetings with members of Congress and key congressional staff to express support for the College Affordability Act. Upcoming advocacy efforts include the Board of Governors annual visit to Washington D.C., in early February, to meet with members of Congress on community college legislative priorities, including comprehensive renewal of the Higher Education Act (HEA).

January 2020 (PDF)

Federal Update 2019

On September 26, Congress passed, and the President signed into law, a continuing resolution (CR) averting a government shutdown, ensuring all federal agencies, departments, and community organizations will maintain their current funding through November 21. Both the House and Senate must agree on and pass 12 individual year-long spending bills to keep the government running past November 21.

November 2019 (PDF)